Heartbleed Remediation Status for Enterprise Cloud Apps


Researchers discovered a vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) in OpenSSL, an open source library for secure data transport used by most websites, including the enterprise cloud apps that we use for work. This vulnerability, which enables TLS “heartbeat” data packets to be passed without authentication with the server, allows hackers to steal information located in the memory of each server, which can include passwords and private encryption keys.

The Tie Between Cloud App Enterprise-Readiness Score and Heartbleed Remediation: 7 Steps You Need to Take Now


The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability for websites around the world. Many enterprise cloud and SaaS apps were also impacted. While most app vendors have remediated their systems, some remain vulnerable. Netskope researchers have been scanning more than 4,500 such apps throughout the past week and maintaining a daily countdown to remediation. One observation we…

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Cloud Policies and Other Forms of Torture

Netskope - Infographic

We were struck when we did a “man on the street” survey of RSA Conference attendees in February and learned that even though more than 60% didn’t have or didn’t know if they had a cloud app policy, 70% cared enough to think about their organization’s privacy policy before using a cloud app.