Architected for any use case

All-mode deployment architecture enables all use cases

All-mode architecture

Netskope is architected to cover all cloud security use cases in a comprehensive manner, starting with the option of being deployed as a 100 percent cloud service, as an on-premises appliance, or in a hybrid manner that includes both.

Netskope is the only vendor with an all-mode architecture that supports all the ways enterprises steer traffic to the Netskope cloud for visibility and control. Our customers are in production across every deployment architecture offered in the market today, including log-based discovery, API introspection, inline as a reverse proxy, inline as a forward proxy with or without agents or mobile profiles, in secure TAP mode, and in proxy-chaining mode.

We have abstracted our analytics and policy enforcement engine from our deployment options, which allows customers to add to their deployments quickly and with minimal disruption. Netskope can easily add new services in our modular data plane with no impact to the rest of the platform.

Key Benefits

Any use case

Whether your use case is focused on adding a real-time security layer on top of Office 365, Box, Salesforce, getting visibility into Shadow IT, controlling and securing all cloud services, or anything in between, Netskope provides flexible deployment options that ensure your use cases are addressed.

  • Use a frictionless out-of-band API introspection deployment for near real-time visibility and control of sanctioned cloud services
  • Choose from several inline deployment options for visibility and control of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services
  • Combine out-of-band and inline deployment options for more comprehensive use case coverage
Modular growth

Netskope’s all-mode architecture is modular with the analytics and policy enforcement engine abstracted from our deployment options. This allows you to add to your deployments at your own pace and with no disruption to the other components.

  • Single-pane-of-glass policy and analytics view, regardless of deployment option
  • Seamlessly expand traffic coverage by adding traffic steering options
  • Combine deployment options for expanded use case coverage
  • Add new security services without disrupting existing ones

In most cases, one deployment option is not enough. With Netskope, you can combine deployment options to expand your use case coverage. You may need an API deployment to inspect sanctioned cloud services for the presence of malware combined with an inline deployment that prevents malware from reaching its destination. Combining both modes gives you 360 degree coverage.

  • Inspect sanctioned cloud services with an API deployment
  • Inspect traffic to and from all cloud services with a proxy deployment
  • Combine modes such as API, forward proxy, reverse proxy, and log-based discovery to expand use case

Complete coverage with multiple traffic steering options

Choose from multiple traffic steering options to support your cloud security use cases.

From log-based discovery to a forward proxy for real-time visibility and control of all cloud services, Netskope has you covered.

Top Use Cases

360-degree DLP

Combining an API deployment method to find sensitive data in sanctioned cloud services with a forward proxy to detect sensitive data en route to and from all cloud services in real time mitigates risk of cloud data loss or exposure.

Stop threats

Combining an API deployment method to find malware in sanctioned cloud services with a forward proxy to detect malware en route to and from all cloud services lets you discover and remediate threats.

Control sharing

Use a reverse proxy deployment to get visibility and control of users outside of your network connecting to your sanctioned cloud services. Combine this with an API deployment to secure content and enable policies such as “revoke public shares” or “don’t allow PII to be shared outside of our company.”

Quarantine workflows

Combine an API and proxy deployment to enable elegant workflows that detect and quarantine to sensitive content in a private cloud storage folder. An admin or legal professional can then use the Netskope UI to view the quarantined content and make a determination.

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