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Mar 15 2019

How Netskope stops sensitive data being exposed publicly in Box

Dec 19 2018

Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Cloud DLP Vendor: Protecting Sensitive Data

Oct 25 2018

Netskope Cloud Report: Increased Adoption of Public Cloud Shows Need for Clear IAM Policies

May 16 2018

Reporting: the final piece of the GDPR puzzle

Oct 23 2017

Real-time Control and Data Protection via Out-of-Band API

Oct 18 2017

The Role of the Data Protection Officer in Europe

Oct 10 2017

Are you giving away the keys to your kingdom…unknowingly?

Aug 15 2014

SkopeSight: 84% of data uploads to enterprise cloud apps are to those that support sharing

Aug 01 2014

SkopeSight: For every one upload to a cloud storage app, there are three shares

Jul 09 2014

SkopeSight: More than half of the cloud apps in use in the Netskope Active Platform don’t support multi-factor authentica...

Jun 25 2014

SkopeSight: The apps most blocked and allowed by exception are Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon CloudDrive

Jun 11 2014

SkopeSight: For every one percent increase in the use of cloud services, there is a three percent increase in the probability o...