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Oct 03 2018

Phishing in the public cloud: You’ve been served

May 30 2018

Step aside ransomware: Why cryptojacking is the new kid on the block

Aug 18 2017

Resurgence of Locky Ransomware with LUKITUS extension

May 19 2017

URSNIF malware returns with Microsoft Word document embedded objects

May 14 2017

Wana Crypt0r 2.0 Ransomware Worm Propagating via MS17-010

Apr 11 2017

Latest Microsoft Office Zero-day Served via Godzilla Botnet

Mar 22 2017

Macro-based Office Malware using Cloud Services

Mar 08 2017

Targeted Attack Campaigns with Multi-Variate Malware Observed in the Cloud

Mar 04 2017

Cloudbleed: Analysis of apps affected and what you can do about it

Feb 09 2017

Cloud CRM Services as a Malware Attack Vector

Feb 03 2017

Decoys, RATs, and the Cloud: The growing trend

Jan 30 2017

Ransomware + Click Fraud: A New Blended Attack

Jan 30 2017

Virlock’s resurgence poses bigger threat to file syncing over the cloud

Jan 18 2017

Decoys, Phishing, and the Cloud: The Latest Fan-out Effect

Sep 08 2016

September 2016 Cloud Report: 43.7 Percent of Cloud Malware are Ransomware Delivery Vehicles