Consolidate cloud services with redundant functionality

Eliminate data silos, reduce risk, and save cost

Eliminate redundancy

Your organization relies on cloud services for a variety of business functions, including HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and more. Whether through a liberal cloud service policy, shadow IT, or the acquisition of cloud-consuming organizations, a multitude of services in your organization perform similar functions but for different groups or divisions. The latest Netskope Cloud Report found an average of more than 20 cloud storage services, among others.

If employees are working in different services, they can’t collaborate on content, create workflows, or share reports and updates, and you will achieve sub-optimal cloud management. On the cost side, you could be paying double for the same functionality, won’t qualify for volume discounts, and won’t receive the kind of attention you deserve as an important customer to your vendors. Finally, having many different silos of information can compromise your cloud security. You need cloud service control that enables you to find and eliminate redundant services and service instances, understand how enterprise-ready each service is, and make informed decisions about which services to invest in and which to consolidate. Eliminating redundancies enhances collaboration and cloud management while reducing complexity and cost.

Key Features

Deep context

Netskope gives you a deep understanding of all cloud usage in your organization. You can view details such as user, device, location, service, activity, and data, and assess risk by understanding how sensitive data are being handled in the cloud.

  • Understand usage by identity, service, activity, and data
  • Distinguish between different instances of the same cloud service
  • Mitigate risk of inappropriate sharing and public links
  • Focus policies on specific risky activities
Netskope CCI

Assess enterprise-readiness of cloud services based on objective criteria adapted from the Cloud Security Alliance. See and compare service attributes in the areas of certifications and standards, data protection, access control, auditability, disaster recovery and business continuity, legal and privacy, and financial viability. Use these attributes combined with your usage to measure your risk by cloud service, user, and for your enterprise overall.

  • Measure cloud services’ enterprise-readiness based on 50+ objective attributes
  • Customize scores based on your specific requirements and compensating controls
  • Incorporate enterprise-readiness scores into your policies
  • Compare similar services side-by-side to decide which to sanction
Coach users

Netskope can deliver automated, customizable coaching messages to educate users and give them interactive options to make them part of the solution. Granular policies can block and notify some users while giving others the option to provide justification and continue with an activity.

  • Direct users away from risky cloud services to ones sanctioned by the organization
  • Prevent risky activities from being performed and alert users on the reasoning
  • Combine with granular, contextual cloud policies
Queries and reports

Netskope offers a dynamic query engine that uses natural language input and Boolean operators to mine rich cloud usage data. Perform ad hoc queries for on-demand analytics and compliance reports, save queries as custom search results, and generate detailed custom reports for ongoing reporting on sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud usage.

  • Use natural language queries to answer any cloud security question, like “What high-risk cloud services are users accessing?”
  • Report on service usage regularly to inform cloud security policies
  • Use context to understand the details around service usage to better craft vendor evaluation requirements

Netskope Analytics Product Demo

Learn how Netskope assesses cloud usage and what data we show

This demo walks through the analytics that Netskope provides on discovered cloud usage at organizations. See top users, devices, and services as well as pull real-time reports with ad hoc queries.


Vendor assurance

As your organization sanctions cloud services, you need to perform due diligence on both discovered and requested services. To help your business choose cloud services that suit their needs while also meeting your security, auditability, and business continuity requirements, use the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index to compare.

Eliminate overlap

Compare similar cloud services side-by-side to make decisions about which services to sanction and what cloud policies to implement. Optimize cloud spend by standardizing on one service and eliminating information silos.

Reduce cloud spend

Eliminate redundant cloud services and standardize on cloud services across your organization.

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