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Netskope Encryption

You’re adopting cloud services for collaboration and sharing, but some of the sensitive data residing in those services may not have adequate protection for your compliance regimen. Despite the robust security capabilities offered by your sanctioned cloud services, your confidential or even regulated data could still be inadvertently or intentionally exposed or leaked. With privacy legislation being enacted around the world, data security is critically important. Netskope Encryption provides a powerful layer of protection to safeguard your sensitive data in the cloud to ensure its confidentiality and privacy.

Netskope provides selective SaaS encryption and key management for content based on contextual factors such as user, service, or activity, or based on the detection of sensitive data using comprehensive DLP. Take advantage of Netskope key management service (KMS) in the cloud or maintain control of your encryption keys on premises by integrating Netskope Encryption with your KMIP-compliant KMS. Netskope Encryption operates automatically and is transparent to end users, seamlessly encrypting uploads and decrypting downloads behind the scenes.

Key Features

Strong encryption

Netskope protects your sensitive data with advanced encryption and key management. Our encryption uses the AES-256 cipher and we offer the choice of a cloud-based KMS with a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware security module (HSM) or the option to integrate with your KMS to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your data in the cloud.

  • Strong encryption using AES-256
  • Each file encrypted with a unique key
  • Highly secure, fault tolerant KMS with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSM, or option to integrate with your KMS
For any service

Netskope Encryption can be applied to sensitive data at rest in sanctioned cloud services like Office 365 and Salesforce, regardless of when content is created or uploaded. It can also be applied in real time to content en route to any cloud service.

  • Protect data at rest in sanctioned cloud services
  • Secure data en route to or from sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services
Applied selectively

Netskope Encryption uses DLP to accurately identify your most sensitive content, and takes advantage of detailed, contextual information such as user, device, location, service, and activity to further tailor your SaaS encryption policies.

  • Selectively encrypt your most sensitive content
  • Take advantage of 3,000+ data identifiers and 500+ file types
  • Be precise with fingerprinting, exact match, and a keyword dictionary
Transparent to users

No security technology can be successfully deployed if it disrupts your end users or the cloud services they depend on. With Netskope Encryption, encryption and decryption operations happen automatically behind the scenes and transparent to end users.

  • Secure sensitive data transparently
  • Encrypt and decrypt cloud traffic automatically

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Top Use Cases

Data at rest

You may already have many terabytes of data stored in your sanctioned cloud services like Box or Office 365 OneDrive. In this case, you can use Netskope to retrospectively scan all of your files for sensitive data, understand how those files are being shared, and automatically apply strong encryption.

Data en route

As your users consume more cloud services, you can safeguard your sensitive data as it moves into any cloud service. For example, you can use Netskope to detect files containing sensitive data like Payment Card Industry Information (PCI) or protected health information (PHI) and automatically encrypt those files as they are uploaded to an unsanctioned cloud storage service.

Your own key

You may be required to retain full control of your encryption keys and their lifecycle for regulatory compliance or other reasons. In this case, the Netskope cloud encryption service can integrate with your on-premises, KMIP-compliant key management system.

Secure workflows

Netskope provides integrated workflows for quarantine and legal hold that discreetly keeps secure copies of sensitive files for further review by legal or regulatory analysts or records custodians. To restrict access to approved personnel only, you can automatically encrypt these files as part of these integrated workflows.

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