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Netskope for Government Agencies and Organizations

Helping government agencies and organizations protect mission-critical assets and personnel by securing usage of sanctioned cloud services and unsanctioned applications (Shadow IT), across all networks, locations, and devices.

Safely enable your cloud transformation

As government agencies and organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud for its flexibility, ease-of-use, and cost savings, new risks around compliance, data security, and cloud threats arise. You have mission-critical assets that need to be protected in the face of data breaches that have been increasing in scale and scope.

The granular access you need


Evaluación del riesgo

Understand and manage the risks associated with your growing cloud and web usage.

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Protección de datos

Identify and protect sensitive data stored in the cloud, as well as control data being uploaded, downloaded, and shared.

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Protect against advanced threats

Inspects traffic that other security solutions cannot, such as sync clients, mobile apps, TLS-encrypted cloud services and websites to identify and address threats.

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Audit, investigate and report

Create a granular, contextual audit trail of all your cloud activities for your forensic investigations, auditing and compliance reporting purposes. Map your cloud security and visibility from Netskope to the NIST controls framework.

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Adapt access controls and policies

Carve out risky activities in sanctioned and unsanctioned services and websites, with granular policies that take into account user, service, device, location, activity, and content.

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Netskope has enabled us to operationalize cloud security. We’re using a lot of cloud-based platforms with different security frameworks and capabilities. Now we have this unified control point to all those platforms.

—Sajawal Haider, CISO, Oak Hill Advisors

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