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Securing Remote Workers

Enable direct-to-net communications for remote offices and mobile workers accessing managed and unmanaged apps, cloud services, websites, as well as private applications in public cloud and data centers. Create a cloud-first environment, reducing the need to backhaul traffic or rely on legacy VPNs that introduce unnecessary costs, complexity, and latency.

Direct and Secure Access to Cloud, Web and Private Applications

Remove expensive legacy back hauling using VPNs and deliver a direct-to-net architecture using a cloud security platform. Netskope provides a globally available security cloud for securing and managing remote workers’ access to websites and cloud applications. Additionally Netskope seamlessly and securely connects remote workers to their private applications in the data center or public cloud using Zero Trust Network Access.

Key benefits and capabilities


Gain visibility

Understand the websites and cloud applications being accessed from outside the network. Learn what level of risk those cloud applications pose, and how remote workers are using those apps.


Enhance user experience

Enforce security policies for cloud and web, and optimally connect to private applications, using a high-performance, scalable global network infrastructure and unified single-pass policy engine. Guarantee that employees experience seamless and low latency connectivity wherever they are in the world.


Enforce granular DLP policies

Use industry standard regulatory profiles or create custom DLP policies to prevent sensitive data from being uploaded by remote workers to cloud applications or websites.


Protect remote workers

Detect threats hosted by malicious websites or hosted within cloud environments. Mitigate against insider threats, alert on account compromise and highlight anomalous user behavior.


Adopt zero trust network access

Provide direct, seamless and secure remote access to applications in public cloud environments or data centers without unnecessary exposure to the internet.


Consolidate security

Use the fully integrated Netskope Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG) and Netskope Private Access (NPA) products to deliver a modern cloud-based security platform to simplify deployment and unify protection and access policies.

Elegimos Netskope porque era la única plataforma de seguridad en la nube que ofrecía todas las opciones de implementación posibles, lo que nos permitía abordar fácilmente cualquier nuevo caso de uso o necesidad que surgiera.

—CIO, empresa de servicios financieros

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