Blog News & Announcements Introducing the Netskope Knowledge Hub
Oct 03 2017

Introducing the Netskope Knowledge Hub

This week we are delighted to share the Netskope Knowledge Hub, a new online resource to help our customers get the most out of Netskope. Designed for customers both new and old, here are a few ways the Hub can help you get the most of your Netskope deployment.

It’s got everything you need…

The new Knowledge Hub is your one stop shop for all things Netskope. We want to make sure every customer understands the full power of our product. With the Hub you have access to a full library of resources for streamlining product deployment, and improving usage as your needs increase and as our product evolves.

..In all different flavors

With the Knowledge Hub you’re not stuck with a maze of useless instruction manuals, We want our content to be helpful, so we’re continuously adding more ways to answer your questions. With deployment options, use cases, product demos, and FAQs all available via webinars, videos and step-by-step how to’s you can have your content any way you like it.

Perfect for new and existing customers

Whether you’re new to Netskope or a seasoned pro, we’ve organized the Knowledge Hub to make it easy to find what you need. For new customers, you can learn proper deployment methods and find different ways to implement Netskope to help solve problems. For existing customers, the Hub can help answer questions and show you how to take advantage of new product features.

Adds to our already stellar support

One of the tenets of our customer support is that we never want our customers to feel left in the dark, with the new Hub you can easily access and explore problem-solving techniques and learn how to employ new product features in your company. The Hub is also where you can find the latest and greatest info on the Netskope Active Platform, new downloads, announcements and advisories, all keeping you current with product updates and security threats.


We strive to improve the customer experience and provide you with the best tools to be successful and we hope you find the Netskope Knowledge Hub as useful and helpful as we do! The new Knowledge Hub is now available to Netskope customers at

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, please contact us at [email protected].