It’s Time to Move On From Your Legacy Secure Web Gateway





Legacy web security has many blind spots


of web traffic is cloud related

Source: Netskope Cloud and Threat Report, 2021


of malware is cloud delivered

Source: Netskope Cloud and Threat Report, 2021

Your current web security gateway may have one or more of the issues below


Appliance limitations

Limited compute capacity for inspecting encrypted traffic, hosting advanced threat defenses, and storing logs and metadata. Appliances are also often last in line for updates after cloud services.


Bypassing threat defenses

Good reputation web and app traffic bypasses inline threat defenses, including sandboxing and script analysis.


Legacy allow/deny policy controls

Basic risk ratings with no visibility into thousands of apps for users, content, and activity for contextual policy controls.


Limited integration

Your current web security vendor has acquired a confusing array of security solutions with limited integration.


Unmanaged app visibility

The reality is less than 5% of apps and cloud services have IT administration rights, the rest are unmanaged in business units open to exposing data or introducing threats.

It’s time your web security resides
in the cloud

Netskope protects some of the largest global companies with industry leading proxy inline inspection of cloud services, apps, and web traffic without limits on performance or scale, and optimizes traffic routes and hops to reduce latency.

Managed cloud apps

The Netskope Next Gen SWG is provided from the cloud, for the cloud, and without limits

Leading proxy visibility

For web traffic, apps, and cloud services providing visibility into thousands of apps for content and contextual policy controls.  Deployments support inline forward or reverse proxies with cloud performance on-demand to inspect encrypted traffic.


360-degree data protection

For data-in-motion in web traffic, cloud services, and apps for any user, location, or device. Advanced DLP includes exact data matching, fingerprinting, and proximity analysis with 3,000+ data identifiers for 1,500+ file types supported by 40+ policy templates ready to use.

App risk ratings & URL filtering

Providing over 36,000 app risk ratings with Netskope Cloud Confidence IndexTM (CCI) given 53% of your web gateway traffic is cloud app related. URL filtering includes over 120+ categories for languages in 200+ countries with dynamic page categorization for 70 categories, plus a site look-up tool and reclassification service.

Advanced threat defenses

Inspect all traffic including encrypted sessions with multi-layer prevention and detection defenses, including pre-execution script analysis, sandboxing, machine-learning analysis, and input from 40+ threat intelligence feeds.

Unified SWG, CASB, and DLP

One console with a unified policy built on cloud microservice architecture for on-demand performance with scale for remote offices and mobile users. Full cloud integration to consolidate, reduce complexity, and lower operational costs.


Make the change from limited and complex legacy SWG cloud services to Netskope NextGen SWG




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