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Netskope for Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best-known cloud storage services, with millions of people around the world using it to share their personal files. Many organizations are adopting Dropbox Business to give their employees and teams a familiar and easy-to-use tool for collaboration and sharing in the workplace. Dropbox Business is a highly secure cloud service, but cloud security is a shared responsibility between cloud providers like Dropbox and their customers. Improper use of a secure platform like Dropbox can still put your organization at risk. Netskope, a Dropbox Premier Partner, enhances Dropbox security by helping you understand and control risky activities in Dropbox, protect sensitive data, and stop cloud threats.

Netskope for Dropbox provides you with real-time, granular visibility and control of Dropbox and its associated ecosystem services. Netskope offers a full array of deployment modes to provide rich, contextual details around Dropbox usage including user, service, device, location, activity, and content. Automated workflows include options for quarantining sensitive or threatening files and alerting users with customized coaching messages. We can help you standardize on Dropbox by coaching users to the platform from unsanctioned alternatives, and also allow you to differentiate between your sanctioned and personal instances of Dropbox and apply the right policy in each case. With Netskope, your organization can get the most out of Dropbox while staying safe and compliant.

Principales fonctions

Architecture multimode

The unique Netskope all-mode architecture offers you a full array of deployment options to gain visibility and control of Dropbox as well as its ecosystem of connected services, whether your users are on premises or remote, using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client. Options include out-of-band API introspection into Dropbox as well as forward and reverse proxy modes for real-time policy controls for Dropbox and its ecosystem.

  • API introspection provides direct, out-of-band connection into Dropbox
  • Reverse proxy covers Dropbox access from outside your network
  • Forward proxy covers any cloud service, including Dropbox and its ecosystem
  • Combinez différents modes pour étendre votre couverture
Deep context

Netskope gives you a deep understanding of your organization’s usage of Dropbox and of any ecosystem services that share data with Dropbox. You can view details such as user, device, location, service, activity, and data, and assess risk by understanding how sensitive files in Dropbox are being shared.

  • Understand usage by identity, service, activity, and data
  • Distinguish between different Dropbox instances
  • Limitez les risques de partages inappropriés et de liens publics
  • Focus policies on specific risky activities
Granular control

Only Netskope gives you granular visibility and control over all of your cloud services and websites. Rather than take a coarse-grained approach by blocking services and websites, set your security policies based on identity, service or website, activity, and data. Choose from actions such as block, alert, bypass, encrypt, quarantine, and coach for policy enforcement.

  • Enforce policies across all cloud services and websites based on identity, service or website, activity, and data
  • Protect sensitive data with Netskope DLP
  • Harmonisez vos stratégies pour détecter les risques sans bloquer les services
DLP complète

Netskope DLP protects sensitive data in the cloud with accuracy and precision, with the ability to inspect all sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services as well as traffic to websites. Sensitive content is detected across 1000+ file types and across structured and unstructured data, using 3,000+ data identifiers, metadata extraction, proximity analysis, fingerprinting, exact match, and more.

  • Control sensitive data in Dropbox and en route to and from all cloud services
  • Obtenez un très haut degré de précision avec les empreintes digitales et la correspondance exacte
  • Augmentez encore la précision avec les dictionnaires de mots-clés, Global Data Identifier, etc.
  • Target DLP policies using context like user, group, device, service, and activity
Protection contre les menaces

Netskope is the only CASB with complete threat defense for Dropbox and its service ecosystem, combining unparalleled cloud visibility with multi-layered threat detection and integrated remediation workflows. Netskope can quickly detect, prevent, and remediate the effects of cloud threats, which too often evade existing security solutions.

  • Threat protection with unique cloud vantage point
  • Détectez les anomalies qui pourraient signaler une menace active
  • La fonction "Threat Intelligence" de Netskope Threat Research Labs, complétée par plus de 40 sources externes

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See all of the ways that Netskope enhances Dropbox security in this demo video

Learn how Netskope can help you prevent sensitive data loss, reduce risk, and ensure compliance in Dropbox. See how Netskope can help you better understand users, activities, and data in Dropbox and its ecosystem, and how you can enforce policy controls to govern usage and protect data.

Principaux scénarios d'utilisation

Sécurisation des données

Detect sensitive content at rest in Dropbox or en route to or from any cloud service or website with DLP. Define granular policies – based on identity, service, activity and data – to automatically protect your data by blocking activities, restricting access, encrypting data, and more.

Contrôle d’accès

Detect all access to Dropbox, regardless of where your users are located or what device they are using. Apply the appropriate access control policy based on the situation. For example, allow users on unmanaged devices to view content in Dropbox but restrict other activities such as downloads and shares to protect sensitive data.

à bloquer les menaces

Dropbox makes it easy to share, but this same capability makes cloud services like Dropbox an attractive target for malicious actors. Protect your organization from cloud threats such as malware and ransomware and also detect unusual data movement or user activity that could indicate the presence of an active threat in your environment.

Prévention des pertes de données

Netskope provides a unique vantage point across all of your cloud services to help you detect data movement that could signal a data exfiltration attempt by an insider. Netskope anomaly detection combined with our DLP capabilities can correlate the download of sensitive data from Dropbox with the upload of the same data to a personal cloud service.

Conseils aux utilisateurs

Make your users part of your Dropbox security solution. Netskope provides your users with automated, customized coaching messages to address undesirable cloud activities. For example, you can coach them to use Dropbox when they try to use a personal cloud storage service, or warn them about sensitive data handling policies when they try to upload sensitive data to a risky cloud service.

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