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Netskope for Amazon Web Services

Get an understanding of your risk exposure, detect misconfigurations, inventory assets, scan S3 buckets, enforce compliance standards, and protect against insider threats and malware within your Amazon Web Services.

Enhance and protect your AWS environment

Easily gain detailed visibility into AWS, and other cloud platforms, to identify and mitigate risk. Gain insights into the location and exposure of all of your sensitive data, as well as vulnerabilities and threats within AWS, so you can take action and protect critical data and services.

Through 2023, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.

—Neil MacDonald, Analyst at Gartner

Innovation Insight for Cloud Security Posture Management

Security Cloud

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Netskope Security Cloud

Une visibilité inégalée. Détection des menaces et protection des données en temps réel.

Netskope Security Cloud offre une visibilité, une détection des menaces et une protection des données en temps réel et de manière inégalée, où que vous soyez et depuis n'importe quel périphérique. Seul Netskope comprend le cloud et adopte une approche centrée sur les données qui fournit aux équipes de sécurité le parfait équilibre entre protection et rapidité dont elles ont besoin pour sécuriser leur transformation numérique.

Netskope Security Cloud

Top use cases


Audit and monitor security configurations

Continuously monitor security configurations for resources in AWS to identify inaccuracies, inadvertent data exposure and more. Automatically remediate incidents and utilize predefined workflows to expedite operations.


Maintain compliance and best practices

Monitor and actively enforce standards compliance with industry regulations and best practices, including NIST, PCI DSS, CIS benchmarks, AWS best practices and more.


Find and protect all your sensitive data

Scan Amazon S3 buckets for sensitive content and apply cloud data protection policies to prevent unauthorized access and activity – such as inadvertent public exposure – then coach, notify, or block activity, based on user, location, and device type used.


Detect and stop data exfiltration

Monitor data in motion in real time to detect and prevent data exfiltration from managed S3 buckets to unmanaged S3 buckets or to other third-party storage services – then coach, notify, or block activity, as appropriate. (See demo)


Detect and stop threats and malware

Detect and block malware hiding in data at rest in your S3 buckets. Prevent malware from going to and from S3 buckets by enforcing policies using real-time, multi-layered threat defenses.


Detect “shadow IaaS” services and protect against risky usage with real-time controls

Get reports on unmanaged, unapproved services within AWS and then create and enforce policies restricting use of these unapproved services with real time granular controls.

Before we found Netskope managing access to AWS instances was an arduous task. Now we have everything we need in one console, and that console is Netskope.

—Directeur de la sécurité des systèmes d'information, compagnie d'assurance de premier plan

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CSA Group

How Netskope protects AWS

Continuous security assessment of AWS services

Use a single, intuitive console to monitor and audit the security configurations, resources, and services in AWS, as well as other public clouds. Assess numerous AWS services such as EC2 instances, ELB, Route53 DNS, S3 storage buckets, RDS, IAM, RedShift Clusters and more.

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Advanced data loss prevention (DLP)

Identify and protect data at rest stored in Amazon S3 buckets even if the data is used by unmanaged devices or unmanaged, different IaaS apps. Monitor and control data in motion in real time between AWS and third-party IaaS services – enhancing visibility into cloud native audit logs, VPC flow logs and other data sources.

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Real time inline visibility and control

Monitor and protect your AWS resources in real time using granular controls that identify and restrict access between managed and unmanaged “shadow IaaS” services.

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Protection contre les menaces internes

Detect and stop threats and data loss from malicious insiders accessing S3 buckets using a unique combination of API-enabled and inline controls.

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Protection avancée contre les menaces (ATP)

Utilize multi-layer threat detection including anti-virus, anti-malware, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), heuristic analysis, sandboxing and more, to uncover elusive and advanced attacks within AWS.

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Secure access to private applications

Protect and secure access to private applications within AWS using zero trust network access (ZTNA) capabilities to mitigate public exposure of private applications while avoiding the need to inefficiently “hairpin” access back through a corporate data center.

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