Secure cloud access for contractors and external collaborators

Govern access by identity, device, location, and more

Govern external access

Organizations large and small work with external people like third-party vendors, contractors, consultants, and more. Collaborating with such a diverse set of external stakeholders means giving access to corporate information and intellectual property. Whether it’s submitting or receiving design plans in a cloud storage service or providing access to corporate email, having external collaborators can expose your sensitive business data or expose it to cloud threats such as malware.

You need a way to secure cloud access to sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services by context, including device type (managed versus unmanaged), location, identity, and more. This helps you protect your corporate assets from unauthorized access or insecure networks that could introduce threats or cause data loss.

Key Features

Full visibility

Gain full visibility of your cloud services with an all-mode architecture capable of covering all cloud traffic whether your users are on premises or remote, using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client. Assess enterprise readiness of these cloud services with our objective Cloud Confidence Index (CCI) and calculate risk scores based on your organization’s usage.

  • See traffic from sanctioned or unsanctioned services
  • Gain visibility whether users are on premises or remote
  • Cover browsers, sync clients, and mobile apps
  • Assess services’ enterprise readiness based on 50+ objective attributes
Granular control

Only Netskope gives you granular visibility and control over all or your cloud services. Rather than take a coarse-grained approach by blocking services, set your security policies based on identity, service, activity, and data. Choose from actions such as block, alert, bypass, encrypt, quarantine, and coach for policy enforcement.

  • Enforce policies across all cloud services based on identity, service, activity, and data
  • Protect sensitive data with advanced cloud DLP
  • Mix and match policy elements to carve out risk without blocking services
Protect data

Many cloud services make it easy to share, but those same capabilities can put your sensitive data at risk. Detect and protect your sensitive content as it moves in and out of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services with the industry’s most sophisticated cloud DLP and advanced data encryption. Protect data as you’re collaborating with external users like contractors and consultants.

  • 500+ file types and 3,000+ pre‐defined data identifiers
  • Advanced features such as fingerprinting, exact match, and more
  • Stop data exfiltration to unsanctioned cloud services
  • Protect sensitive data with strong encryption

Securing All Methods of Cloud Access

Watch how CASBs secure the many ways cloud services are accessed and what to consider when choosing a CASB for your specific use cases

In this episode of Movie Line Monday, Bob Gilbert, VP of Product Marketing at Netskope, goes over the many ways cloud apps and services are accessed — all of which must be taken into consideration for a comprehensive cloud security program. He also talks about choosing cloud access security brokers (CASBs) that allow you to gain activity- and data-level details of cloud usage and how to secure that usage with cloud DLP, policy enforcement, and cloud threat and malware protection.


Govern usage

Govern the usage of unsanctioned cloud services based on contextual details such as user, service, device, location, activity, and content. Apply granular policies such as “prevent uploads of sensitive data to personal cloud storage services” or “allow access to Finance/Accounting services for finance department only.”

Protect data

Detect and secure your sensitive content en route to or from any cloud service with advanced, enterprise DLP. Uncover sensitive content using predefined (or custom) profiles for payment card industry data (PCI), protected health information (PHI), and more. Protect with automated workflows to block, quarantine, or encrypt your data.

Understand behavior

It is vital to have a complete understanding of your users’ cloud behavior, including details about the user, device, location, service, activity, and content, to detect usage anomalies and make well-informed policy decisions. Granular visibility helps you govern not only your employees but also contractors and other outside users that are accessing cloud services with unmanaged devices or from insecure locations.

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