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Netskope for Office 365

Netskope provides real-time, granular visibility and control combined with advanced data and threat protection, so you can get the most out of Office 365, while keeping safe, compliant and productive.


Cloud storage, webmail and social apps are the most popular apps used for phishing, with the top storage apps being Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive


increase in the use of collaboration apps over past 6 months

出典: Netskope Cloud and Threat Report、2020


the amount of cloud-based malware delivery (vs web) in past 6 months

出典: Netskope Cloud and Threat Report、2020

Safely enable Office 365

Uncover all that is happening in your Office 365 environment and protect sensitive data and prevent threats with Netskope. Enhance Office 365 with real time, inline security controls and see the contextual details regarding your Office 365 usage, including users, devices, activities, and data. Enforce granular policies to keep Office 365 secure and compliant.

Netskope is a Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Corporation is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Netskope, as a Gold Cloud Productivity partner, a Gold Enterprise Mobility Management partner and a certified Microsoft Teams partner, works closely with Microsoft and utilizes Microsoft APIs and inline defenses to provide data and threat protection to the Netskope for Office 365 suite of applications, including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Outlook.

"Today, Netskope secures more than 10% of the world's Microsoft Office 365 commercial users globally, including the world's largest Office 365 environment.”

Netskope Threat Labs


Security Cloud


Netskopeセキュリティクラウドは、あらゆる場所のあらゆるデバイスからクラウドサービス、ウェブサイト、プライベートアプリにアクセスする際でも、比類なき可視性とリアルタイムデータ、脅威防御を提供します。Netskopeだけがクラウドを理解し、セキュリティチームがデジタルトランスフォーメーションをする際にセキュリティを確保するために必要な保護と速度を、適切なバランスで実現する「データ中心(Data Centric)」のアプローチを採用しています。

Security Cloud

Top use cases for
securing Office 365


Control access to Office 365 applications and more

Using a powerful combination of API-enabled and inline security controls, detect sensitive content in Office 365 or en route to or from any third-party cloud application or website. Manage access to Office 365 regardless of where your users are located, what device they are using or how they do so (e.g. web browser, mobile app, sync client). Apply the appropriate access control policies based on your specific needs.


Detect and protect sensitive data

Identify and control access to sensitive data and content across Office 365 applications. Establish policies to restrict data access and movement within and between Office 365 applications like OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Extend this control to third-party cloud storage applications like Box and Dropbox to ensure data is not lost between applications. Furthermore, ensure your sensitive data remains confidential, intact and private using encryption and key management – using Netskope or Microsoft’s solution. It’s your choice.


Stop insider threats like data exfiltration

Prevent the download of sensitive data from Office 365 via business instances and then the upload via personal instances, which is one of today’s top data loss methods. For example, allow corporate Outlook email accounts to access and download sensitive content but restrict the upload of this data via a personal, unmanaged email account. Additionally, apply this control to unmanaged devices: allow unmanaged or personal device access to a specific cloud app for collaboration, however, do not allow downloading of sensitive data.


Detect and stop elusive threats and malware

As cloud-enabled threats are the norm with 63% of malware delivered from the cloud*, it’s essential to deploy cloud smart threat defenses. Additionally, with SaaS/webmail applications being the #1 phishing target and Microsoft being the most impersonated brand in threats*, it’s more imperative to boost your threat defenses for Office 365 than ever before.

*Sources: Phishing Trend reports; Netskope Threat Research Labs 2020


Microsoft friendly and fast

Encounter no performance trade-offs when protecting critical Office 365 data and traffic due to direct peering with Microsoft in all data centers worldwide via Netskope NewEdge. Plus bypass options are available so customers have maximum flexibility, based on their security needs.

Data exfiltration from managed to unmanaged cloud app instances, including email, is on the rise.

私たちは、SharePointとOneDriveの両方に多額の投資をしています。 Netskopeは、Office 365と生態系サービスを管理するだけでなく、外部の関係者と安全に共同作業し、共有文書リンクが適切に期限切れになり、SharePointプロジェクトに権限のあるユーザーのみがアクセスできるようにします。

— Fortune 100 小売業者のシニア IT セキュリティアーキテクト


Apria Healthcare
CSA Group

How Netskope protects Microsoft Office 365 environments


Provide inline visibility for thousands of apps (managed and unmanaged) in use, including users, file names, activity, and to whom. Take advantage of the Netskope all-mode architecture, which gives you a comprehensive set of deployment options and enables you to have full visibility and control over your Office 365 environment and more.



従業員のOffice 365の使用法を深く理解できるため、適切なセキュリティポリシーを作成して、社内へのOffice 365導入の安全を確保できます。


Protect data everywhere in Office 365

Netskope comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities identify and protect your sensitive data within and between the Office 365 suite of applications. Display real-time notifications and coaching to users conducting risky activities or moving sensitive data, to improve user behavior. Whether using managed or unmanaged, personal devices, Netskope can protect your users and their data while safely using Office 365.


Advanced threat protection (ATP) for Office 365

Utilize multi-layered, advanced threat protection to stop modern threats like cloud phishing, malware and compromised credentials within Office 365 and between other cloud applications. Apply User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to detect and stop anomalies like bulk downloads or deletions via machine-learning enhanced defenses.


Benefit from Gold Partner status

Safely enable your Office 365 suite of applications with Netskope, who is a Microsoft Gold Partner across multiple competencies, with a long track record of securing Microsoft customers.