Cloud and Threat Report - July 2021 Edition

Hey, You, Get Out of My Cloud!

The risk of data exposure is more apparent than ever due to the growth of enterprise cloud application adoption and shadow IT, increased personal app usage, and third-party app plug-ins.

Additionally, departing employees present disproportionately significant cloud security risks, meaning that if a “Great Resignation” is happening, it might make enterprises even more vulnerable to cloud-borne threats.

Netskope Threat Labs dives into these trends in the latest installment of the semi-annual Cloud and Threat Report. Highlights include:

  • Departing employees upload 3X more data to personal apps in their final month of employment
  • 97% of Google Workspace users have authorized at least one third-party app
  • Cloud-delivered malware has increased to an all-time high of 68%

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