Cloud Security Report - September 2017
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13.6 percent of enterprise users have had their account credentials compromised

Get the latest cloud app security trends in the industry’s only report that examines what’s happening in the cloud right now, where organizations’ real risks lie, and help IT and security professionals know where to focus their attention.

A key area of focus for the latest Netskope Cloud Report is malware in the cloud. Report highlights include:

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  • 4.1 percent of enterprises have sanctioned cloud apps that are laced with malware such as worms and trojans.
  • Because cloud apps make it easy for users to sync and share, malware can travel more rapidly than traditional malware, creating an attack
  • Sanctioned cloud apps typically represent less than five per cent of an enterprise’s cloud app footprint, suggesting that cloud-based malware is more widespread.
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Get the latest cloud report that examines what's happening in the cloud right now, where organizations’ real risks lie, and help security professionals know where to focus their attention.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Enterprises have an average of 1,022 cloud services in use;

  • Manufacturing leads the way with the highest average amount of cloud services used with 1,370, followed by healthcare and life sciences with 1,340;
  • 75% of cloud services are still not ready for the GDPR, with the deadline for compliance looming in May 2018;
  • Webmail comprises 42.3 percent of all DLP violations, followed by cloud storage at 30 percent, collaboration services at 9.5 percent, and all others 18.2 percent

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