A Plataforma Netskope Cloud SecurityCloud-native architecture

Cloud-Native Architecture

Netskope delivers real-time security services in the cloud, for the cloud. Its cloud-native architecture ensures you can protect your dynamic, growing clouds, giving you all the elasticity and scale you require.

Security in the cloud,
for the cloud

The Netskope Platform is purpose-built to provide security that takes advantage of the scale, agility, elasticity and speed of the cloud.

Security in the cloud, for the cloud

The Netskope
Security Cloud

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A Netskope Security Cloud

Visibilidade incomparável. Proteção de dados e contra ameaças em tempo real.

A Netskope Security Cloud oferece visibilidade inigualável em tempo real, detecção de ameaças e proteção de dados a partir de qualquer local e de qualquer dispositivo. Somente Netskope entende profundamente a nuvem e adota uma abordagem centrada em dados, que confere às equipes de segurança o equilíbrio perfeito entre proteção e velocidade de que precisam, para garantir sua jornada de transformação digital.

A Netskope Security Cloud

The value of cloud-native


Netskope uses microservices, containers, and more to give you everything you need to efficiently secure your cloud deployments. Netskope offers RESTful APIs for tight integration with third-party applications.


Netskope moves quickly to provide new features and fixes, with CI/CD processes that keep you one step ahead of attackers and the competition.


Netskope takes advantage of the elasticity of the cloud to scale security up and down inline with your cloud usage to ensure a satisfactory, undisrupted cloud experience.


Netskope provides a broad, ever-growing range of security services, while maintaining optimal performance and responsiveness. Delivered through the NewEdge infrastructure, you benefit from one of the world’s largest, high performance networks to protect your environments.