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Third Party Risk

Identify all cloud services in your organization and understand the context of how each is being used, so you can identify potential risks to your data and ongoing operations.

Cloud management begins with risk assessment

Get a 360-degree view of all the cloud services and apps your organization is using and understand the enterprise-readiness of each, with the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™ (CCI), so you can identify potential risks and address security and compliance concerns.

Cloud and Threat Report: January 2022 Edition

In this edition of the Cloud Threat Report, we take a look back at the top trends in cloud attacker activities and cloud data risks from 2021 compared to 2020.
We examine changes in the malware landscape in 2021, highlighting that attackers are enjoying more success abusing cloud apps to deliver malware payloads to their victims.

The Netskope
Security Cloud

Conheça nossa plataforma
Netskope security cloud platform

Visibilidade incomparável. Proteção de dados e contra ameaças em tempo real.

A Netskope Security Cloud oferece visibilidade inigualável em tempo real, detecção de ameaças e proteção de dados a partir de qualquer local e de qualquer dispositivo. Somente Netskope entende profundamente a nuvem e adota uma abordagem centrada em dados, que confere às equipes de segurança o equilíbrio perfeito entre proteção e velocidade de que precisam, para garantir sua jornada de transformação digital.

Netskope security cloud platform

Third party risk use cases


Garantia do Fornecedor

Perform due diligence and vendor assurance for cloud services across various categories, including cloud storage, HR, CRM, marketing, and more.



Use Netskope to help you identify and consolidate redundant cloud services in categories, such as cloud storage, CRM, and collaboration, based on security attributes, cost, and usage, to help you reduce information silos, mitigate risk, and save costs.


Policy creation

Use the Netskope CCI and Risk Dashboard to see risk information, threat intelligence, and usage metrics that you can use to inform your cloud and web security policies, programs, and strategies.


Cloud and web metadata

Get comprehensive, step-by-step investigation audit trails of all cloud service and app transactions, plus ad hoc queries that allow you to drill down and follow a suspected event, such as data exfiltration by a departing employee, for compliance reporting.

Before Netskope, cloud app discovery was a tedious and futile endeavor. Our existing tools weren’t built for it and we were flying blind. Using Netskope has changed how we think about cloud management.

—CISO, Fortune 100 Healthcare Organization

Empresas Líderes confiam na Netskope

Apria Healthcare
CSA Group

Principais recursos e benefícios

Gain full visibility

Monitor activity in managed and unmanaged SaaS, IaaS, and cloud services and understand what risks they might pose to your organization.

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Assess enterprise-readiness of cloud services

Understand the risks different cloud services and apps pose to your organization by measuring both your overall risk, as well as risk by cloud service or user.

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Drill into risk details

Get at-a-glance risk metrics, with the ability to drill down into the details to see risky services, users, compromised credentials, anomalies, and threats.

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Support reporting requirements

Perform ad hoc queries for on-demand analytics and reports or create and use saved queries to generate detailed custom reports for ongoing compliance reporting.

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The Power of Netskope Cloud XD

The Power of Netskope Cloud XD

Netskope Risk Insights

Netskope Risk Insights

Vinte exemplos de segurança inteligente na nuvem

Vinte exemplos de segurança inteligente na nuvem

Discovery Playbook

Discovery Playbook

Percentage of traffic related to cloud services


of web traffic is cloud related

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