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Produtos NetskopeNetskope for Slack

Netskope for Slack

Gives you the visibility and control you need over your Slack deployments. Gain surgical visibility into Slack usage and enforce granular security policies to protect sensitive information in messages and files.

Prevent data loss in Slack

Secure sensitive data and protect against inadvertent sharing that can put your organization at risk. With Netskope, see your users, devices, and activities within Slack, across public channels, messages, posts, snippets, and files. Protect your sensitive information by enforcing policies and restricting file sharing.

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The Netskope
Security Cloud

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Netskope security cloud platform

Visibilidade incomparável. Proteção de dados e contra ameaças em tempo real.

The Netskope security cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Only Netskope understands the cloud and takes a data-centric approach that empowers security teams with the right balance of protection and speed they need to secure their digital transformation journey.

Netskope security cloud platform

Top Use Cases


Control access

Detect all access to Slack, regardless of where your users are located or what device they are using. Apply the appropriate access control policy based on the situation.


Stop threats

Protect against cloud threats and detect unusual data movement or user activity that could indicate the presence of an active threat.


Prevent data loss

Correlate the download of sensitive data from Slack with the upload of that same data to a personal cloud service to detect and prevent data exfiltration attempts.


Coach users

Provide users with automated, customized coaching messages to address undesirable cloud activities and warn them about the risks of uploading sensitive data to unmanaged cloud services.

Slack usage took off almost virally within our organization and putting up a stop sign wouldn’t have gone over well politically. Thankfully, Netskope was early with their integration and we have the security we need.

—VP of Information Security, Fortune 10 Retailer

Empresas Líderes confiam na Netskope

Take control over your data

Support multiple deployments

Take advantage of an all-mode architecture to see all of your Slack activity, regardless of where your users are located or what device they are using.

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Gain real-time visibility and control

Leverage a deep understanding of your Slack usage to create the right level of security policies that ensure your Slack usage is safe.

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Netskope advanced data loss protection (DLP)

Protect sensitive data

Stop sensitive information from being exfiltrated from your Slack service, whether structured or unstructured data.

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Proteção contra ameaças

Provide complete threat protection to help thwart malicious malware from infecting your environment.

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Netskope Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Netskope Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Netskope for Slack

Netskope for Slack

Top security concerns SOC teams are struggling with include:


Privacidade de dados/confidencialidade

Fonte: Cloud Security Report – Cybersecurity Insiders (Abril de 2019)


Perda de dados/vazamento

Fonte: Cloud Security Report – Cybersecurity Insiders (Abril de 2019)

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