SoluçõesAtualize sua stack de segurança

Atualize sua stack de segurança

Muitos produtos de segurança da primeira geração estão se mostrando ineficazes no atual mundo que prioriza a mobilidade e a nuvem. Embora esses investimentos tenham sido importantes no momento em que foram realizados, o panorama da TI, sempre em mudança, está forçando as equipes de segurança a atualizar suas ferramentas atuais com recursos mais modernos, arquitetados para o mundo atual.

A modern cloud security platform

The Netskope Security Cloud was born in the cloud and is based on a modern, cloud-native, microservices architecture. Security services are not only seamlessly deployed from the cloud, they are also deployed for the cloud, web, and private apps.

Atualize sua stack de segurança


Virtual private network (VPN)

Traditional VPNs are operationally challenging to manage, don’t consider device or user context to make access decisions, and are not fit for today’s perimeter-less world. As a result, organizations typically use them to control access in an all-or-nothing fashion, resulting in an expanded attack surface with authenticated users having overly-broad network access. Today’s VPN is ready for an upgrade.

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Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

The SWG market is shifting from appliances to cloud delivered services for performance and scale to address SSL/TLS encrypted traffic and a growing population of remote and mobile workers. Also in the shift is decoding and inspecting apps and cloud services to understand content and context for data protection and detecting advanced threats.

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First-generation cloud access security brokers (CASBs)

The CASB market is relatively new, with the first product available in 2013. A number of early CASB products were architected around a limited set of use cases and as a result, their inability to expand capabilities has resulted in diminished value for early adopters. Netskope supports a set of unique capabilities that cover use cases other CASB products cannot cover.

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I love how Netskope surfaces all the information we need to track down an incident and get the right folks involved in remediation. This saves us a ton of time when time is of the essence.

—SOC Analyst, Fortune 500 Retailer

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