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Mobile and Direct-To-Net Communications

Enable direct-to-net communications for remote offices and mobile workers accessing managed and unmanaged apps and cloud services, as well as web communications. Create a cloud-first environment, reducing the need to backhaul traffic or rely on legacy VPNs that introduce unnecessary costs, complexity, and latency.

Enable mobile and direct-to-net communications

Empower your cloud first environment, giving users direct-to-net access to apps, cloud services, and websites. Remove expensive legacy back hauling and VPNs and deliver direct-to-net communications with the Netskope Security Cloud platform, which provides low latency NewEdge accessibility.

Redefine access and cloud security


Remote offices

Replace expensive backhauling and MPLS tunnels with direct-to-net access for remote offices, using IPsec or GRE tunnels to the Netskope Platform. Inspect encrypted traffic with elastic cloud performance and multiple security defenses, while removing on-premises legacy appliances at remote offices.


Mobile workers

Empower mobile workers to use managed and unmanaged cloud services and apps, plus web access knowing your data is protected and advanced threat defenses are active. A lightweight steering client provides maximum visibility and control for managed devices, while a reverse proxy covers unmanaged devices without a client.


NewEdge access

As digital transformation drives your business transactions to the cloud, low latency is a key requirement. Enabling cloud security to the standard Internet is not acceptable with unknown hops and traffic routing. NewEdge redefines cloud access for remote offices and mobile users in any location, ensuring a seamless, low latency experience.


Visibility and control

Increase your visibility and control over cloud services, apps, and web traffic with Cloud XDTM. Apply controls by user, device, app, instance, risk, data, and activity, to ensure you understand the content and context and can safely allow, instead of block.


Consolidate cloud security

Provide direct-to-net access to your remote offices and mobile workers with the Netskope Platform. Consolidate multiple security services for threat and data protection across cloud services, apps, and web traffic, plus provide private access to replace VPNs.

We picked Netskope because it was the only cloud security platform that offered every possible deployment option, allowing us to easily address any new use cases or requirements that arise.

—CIO, Financial Services Firm

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