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Netskope Threat Protection

Although the cloud and web makes it easy for you to collaborate and share, these same capabilities make the cloud an attractive target for attackers trying to spread malware and carry out other malicious activity. Netskope is the only cloud access security broker (CASB) with comprehensive threat protection for cloud and web services, combining a unique cloud vantage point with multi-layered threat detection and remediation capabilities. Netskope sees  traffic that other security solutions cannot, such as sync clients, mobile apps, and TLS-encrypted cloud services and websites, opening your eyes to threats hiding across SaaS, IaaS, and web.

Backed by Netskope Threat Research Labs, a dedicated team focused on the discovery and analysis of new cloud threats, drawing from 40+ threat intelligence sources, and using advanced machine learning technology, Netskope provides multiple layers of threat detection including static and dynamic anti-virus inspection, user behavior anomaly detection, heuristic analysis, sandbox analysis, and more. Remediate threats by blocking or quarantining them and taking advantage of workflows to further analyze and reverse the effects of cloud threats, which too often evade existing security solutions.

Key Features

Full visibility

Gain full visibility of your cloud services and websites with an all-mode architecture capable of covering all traffic whether users are on premises or remote, using a web browser, mobile app, or sync client. Inspect files stored in your sanctioned cloud services, as well as files en route to any cloud service or website, even those using TLS-encrypted connections.

  • See traffic from sanctioned or unsanctioned services and websites
  • Gain visibility whether users are on-premises or remote
  • Cover browsers, sync clients, and mobile apps
  • Reveal threats hiding in SSL-encrypted cloud services

From anomaly detection and user behavior analytics, to static and dynamic anti-virus analysis and heuristics, to sandbox analysis, Netskope Threat Protection provides you with multiple layers of protection against malware and other advanced cloud threats. We also help you arm the rest of your security infrastructure with cloud threat intelligence through third-party integrations.

  • Gain proprietary threat intelligence from Netskope Threat Research Labs complemented by 40+ external sources
  • Detect and protect against threats using advanced machine learning
  • Arm the rest of your security infrastructure with cloud and web threat intelligence
Threat response

Your threat response needs to move faster than ever to keep pace with the speed of the cloud and web. Netskope can automatically block known or suspected threats, and can also quickly identify and even reverse the effects of cloud and web threats as they’re happening.

  • Automated workflows for real-time response
  • Options to alert, block, or quarantine
  • Coordinate defenses with advanced endpoint detection and response solutions
  • Integrate with third-party remediation tools
Ransomware defense

With ransomware on the rise, better protection is needed to safeguard your data. Netskope has developed innovative technology to detect unauthorized encryption due to ransomware and restore affected files to previous versions stored in the cloud.

  • Examine files stored in sanctioned cloud storage services
  • Analyze 70+ file dimensions to detect unauthorized encryption
  • Take advantage of automated workflows to quickly restore affected files

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Top Use Cases

Detect anomalies

Take advantage of advanced user behavior analytics and machine learning to baseline your users’ normal activities and detect anomalies in real time. Detect unusual data movement and user activity, compromised credentials, and excessive data movement that could indicate internal or external threats to your cloud environment.

Find malware

Inspect your sanctioned cloud services, such as Office 365 and Box, for malware. In addition, provide more comprehensive threat protection for your users by inspecting real-time activities – such as uploads and downloads – in all cloud services and websites for malware using multiple layers of detection.

Reverse spread of malware

Stop the rapid propagation of malware infections that take advantage of sync and share in your cloud services or that are downloaded from websites. Quarantine and replace suspicious files with an inert tombstone file. With Netskope, you’re not just stopping the spread of malware, you’re reversing it.

Recover from ransomware

Quickly detect the spread of ransomware in your sanctioned cloud services. Take advantage of an automated workflow that uses the built-in versioning capabilities in your sanctioned cloud service to restore files to earlier, unaffected versions.

Distinguish service instances

Your users inherently trust your sanctioned cloud services, which makes malicious instances of these services and attractive channel for attackers. Use Netskope to differentiate between sanctioned and unsanctioned instances of your key cloud services to address this new threat vector.

Netskope Threat Protection — data sheet

Learn how Netskope Threat Protection performs deep analysis to detect and prevent evasive, zero-day threats from the cloud and web.

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Netskope Threat Research Labs

The Netskope Threat Research Labs consists of security researchers and engineers with years of experience at leading Silicon Valley companies. Learn more about the Netskope Threat Research Labs team and keep updated on the cloud threat landscape with information on strains of ransomware, latest cloud threats, and more.

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