Your Cloud Proxy Needs a Next Gen Boost
We Can Prove It

Does your proxy understand the difference between your corporate and personal email? Can it discern between personal files and sensitive company data? These are just some of the challenges facing enterprises in this new era of cloud-driven business and we know for a fact that your solution isn’t built to handle the modern cloud environment.

Upgrade your proxy to Netskope’s Next Gen Secure Web Gateway. We’re prepared to prove that our platform is uniquely engineered to read between the lines of your cloud traffic and provide a no-compromise security solution for your business better than any legacy proxy.

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Get the visibility and granular control your organization needs to address the modern cloud

We deliver the unmatched performance, superior experience, and reduced complexity you need as the core of your SASE architecture. Our finely-tuned platform is engineered to withstand the eight core challenges below.


SaaS Visibility

Provide inline visibility for thousands of apps (managed and unmanaged) in use, including users, file names, activity, and to whom.


Safely Enable BYOD and Third Party Access to Managed Cloud Apps

Allow unmanaged device access to a specific cloud app for collaboration, however, do not allow downloading of sensitive data when on an unmanaged device.


Unintentional or Unapproved Data Movement

See and control data movement between cloud app instances and in the context of app risk and user risk. Prove this challenge without relying on tenant restrictions, which is disruptive to user productivity being limited to coarse-grained allow or block.


Real-Time User Coaching

Coach users on data loss risks, including the context of app risk and user risk, when performing activities with the option to proceed or cancel for managed and unmanaged apps, and web sites so business processes can continue.


Sensitive Data Propagation

Alert or block when sensitive data is posted or added directly (not just uploaded) in cloud apps like Slack and Word Online.


Document and Image Data Protection

Alert or block when sensitive documents and images such as tax forms, resumes, patent forms, passports, drivers’ licenses, social security cards, and screenshots are uploaded to cloud apps and websites without relying on traditional regular expressions and pattern matching, which are prone to false positives and false negatives.


Cloud Phishing Protection

Protect users from phishing attacks using cloud-hosted fake forms (e.g. Office 365 login) to collect app access credentials.


Security without Performance Trade-offs

Leverage the high-performance, low latency, and highly-peered NewEdge network for a superior user experience for web, cloud & SaaS access backed by Netskope’s 5-9’s service availability SLAs

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