6 Common Next Gen SWG Use Cases


Next Gen SWG Protects Against Malware And Applies Multi-Layer Advanced Threat Detection

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Providing comprehensive, multi-layered threat protection for both the cloud and web is core to any next gen SWG.
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Next Gen SWG Functional Requirements:

Provide real-time threat protection for all web traffic, apps, and cloud services for offices and remote users with managed devices with no by-passing of apps or cloud services

Provide real-time threat protection for users on personal devices accessing managed apps

Leverage third-party threat intelligence feeds as part of the inspection, plus custom Indicators Of Compromise (IOC) hashes and URLs

Next Gen SWG Deployment Requirements:

Deploy cloud-based web security inline proxy for desired office locations and remote users, and steer all traffic including Office 365 and other managed apps

Provide performance and scale to inspect encrypted TLS web traffic