Is Your VPN Running Out of Gas?

Work from anywhere combined with apps moving to the cloud is dissolving the traditional network perimeter. Legacy VPN-based architectures are costly and require complex routing, and frankly are just running out of gas. Plus, attacks on concentrators, endpoint agent vulnerabilities and the risk of lateral movement are increasingly making VPNs obsolete.

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) provides a modern, more cost-effective and secure way to provide access for your employees and extended users, like partners and contractors.

VPN is yesterday. ZTNA is tomorrow. Get moving today.

  • Your VPN may be running out of gas, but trying new things to start a retirement plan can be risky. What you really need is a practical guide that can help you build some confidence in your next steps through tips and quick wins.
  • You have questions about what’s driving the move to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Gartner has answers.
  • Wondering about the convergence of networking and security? Netskope’s Distinguished Network Advisors can help.
  • Check out Netskope Private Access – Fast and secure ZTNA access for the modern hybrid workforce.
  • Digital convergence is causing jobs and services to become integrated. This increasingly means your network is your security.