The Network is the Security

Fast access with a superior user and application experience is critical. Enterprises can’t afford to have security slow down the business or run the risk of users bypassing controls altogether.

With the transition to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), direct to Internet and cloud performance becomes even more vital. That’s why Netskope focuses on delivering world-class security and data protection without the performance trade-offs of the past. Why would you or your users settle for less?

  • Digital transformation is happening. Here are some things to think about when it comes to designing networking and security for an exceptionally well operating converged architecture to ensure…the Network is the Security.

  • Your users need fast and direct access to apps and data, and also need security controls the business requires. SVP Joe DePalo describes how Netskope delivers security and data protection without performance tradeoffs.

  • The Netskope Distinguished Network Advisors (DNA) team has managed some of the world’s largest networks. They can be your invaluable resource on the convergence of networking and security.
  • Dell’Oro Group analyst, Mauricio Sanchez believes Enterprises are quickly realizing that legacy network and security architectures are inadequate and must evolve toward a unified networking and security service.

  • Work from anywhere combined with apps moving to the cloud is dissolving the traditional network perimeter and VPNs are running out of gas. VPN is yesterday. ZTNA is tomorrow. Get moving today.