Estimate your cloud app risk and see how your answers stack up against Netskope's analysis and industry insights.

Your role:
Of the cloud apps in your environment, what portion do you believe meet your standard for security, auditability, and business continuity?
Employees in your organization:
What percent of your data residing in cloud apps do you believe is unprotected?
Primary industry:
Do you believe your organization has a cloud usage policy?
How well do you believe it is followed?
Cloud apps you believe to be in use by your organization:
Guessing is OK.
What percent of data that your users are sharing in cloud apps do you believe is with people outside of your organization?
Percentage of these apps that you believe are sanctioned and managed by a central IT department:
How well followed do you believe your mobile policy is for corporate and BYO (bring-your-own) devices?
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