SolucionesNetskope para el sector legal

Netskope para el sector legal

Securely adopt the cloud to enhance productivity and deliver exceptional client services. Understand cloud and web service usage, enforce access controls, protect sensitive data and restrict risky activities in the cloud.

Simplify quarantines and legal holds in the cloud

See how Netskope gives legal firms the ability to understand and control their cloud services, with powerful policy workflows, in conjunction with Office 365, that quarantine and enact legal holds to prevent data leakage and help with legal compliance and investigations.

The granular access you need


Evaluación del riesgo

Understand and manage the risks associated with your growing cloud and web usage.

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Proteger los datos

Identify and protect your data to ensure sensitive documents and client information isn’t inadvertently exposed by controlling data being uploaded, downloaded, and shared.

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Protect against advanced threats

Inspects traffic that other security solutions cannot, such as sync clients, mobile apps, and TLS-encrypted cloud services and websites to identify and address threats.

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Auditoría e informes

Create a granular, contextual audit trail of all your cloud activities for audit, forensics, and compliance reporting purposes.

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Buscábamos una solución integral que se integrara con nuestros productos de seguridad existentes para proteger todo el uso de la nube en nuestra empresa. Netskope se ajusta a ese requisito y nos ayuda a proteger toda nuestra información confidencial en la nube.

—Information Security Engineer, Corporate Law Firm

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