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Netskope For Manufacturing

Ensure you understand what cloud and web services are in use and how they are being used, enforce access controls, protect sensitive data and restrict risky activities in the cloud.

Safe cloud usage and collaboration

Helping the world’s largest and most demanding manufacturing companies securely adopt the cloud to streamline operations and compete at all levels.

The granular access you need


Evaluación del riesgo

Understand and manage the risks associated with your growing cloud and web usage.

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Garantizar el cumplimiento

Understand activity-level usage of your cloud services and websites in the context of rules from regulatory bodies, like PCI-DSS, and govern access, activities and data in the cloud to ensure compliant usage.

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Proteger los datos

Identify and protect the sensitive data, like design plans, stored in the cloud, as well as control data being uploaded, downloaded, and shared.

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Auditoría e informes

Create a granular, contextual audit trail of all your cloud activities for audit, forensics, and compliance reporting purposes.

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When we moved to the cloud, finding the best cloud DLP solution was my number one priority. Netskope exceeded our requirements in every way.

—Security Architect, Fortune 100 Equipment Manufacturer

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