Threat research for the cloud

Staffed by the industry’s foremost cloud threat and malware researchers, the Netskope Threat Labs discovers, analyzes, and designs defenses against the latest cloud threats affecting enterprises.


With original research and in-depth analysis of cloud-related threats — including cloud phishing, scams, malware delivery, command and control, data exfiltration, data exposure — the Labs helps protect Netskope customers from malicious actors and contributes to the global security community with research, advice, and best practices.

Led by renowned security researchers, distinguished engineers, and principal architects with experience founding and leading companies in Silicon Valley and around the world, the Netskope Threat Labs is based in our headquarters with representation throughout the world. The researchers are regular presenters and volunteers at top security conferences, including DefCon, BlackHat, and RSA.



Netskope Labs Report:
The Dark Side of the Cloud.

Digital Transformation is accelerating the adoption of cloud services and apps across the enterprise. With this rise of cloud, we see the “Dark Side of the Cloud” emerging to enable threats leveraging cloud services for various kill chain stages and an increase for data risks using cloud storage and services.


This report, based on anonymized data collected from the Netskope Security Platform across millions of users from August 1 through December 31, 2019, offers insights into how cloud-enabled threats and the shifts of sensitive data into and across the cloud are occurring and complicating the security posture of organizations.

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