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Blog Sin categorizar How CASB can help mitigate fallout from the Verizon breach
Jul 14 2017

How CASB can help mitigate fallout from the Verizon breach

As organizations move their workloads to Amazon Web Services, security is a key concern for IT admins as they prioritize visibility, control and security of their data. To prevent a breach like the Verizon case, simply having the right security program in place to enable access control, and prevent data leakage within your AWS environment would have been effective.

Here’s how a CASB like Netskope can help:

Prevent the loss of sensitive data stored in AWS with Netskope’s advanced Cloud DLP: In this latest leak, sensitive information could have been prevented from being uploaded to an S3 bucket with an appropriate DLP policy. Netskope offers industry- leading cloud DLP to prevent the loss of sensitive data.

Access control: With Netskope you can control access to your AWS environment, enforce contextual granular policies and access controls. In the Verizon case, anyone that mistakenly configured or reconfigured the S3 bucket to be open could have been blocked from doing so.

Visibility: With the granular visibility Netskope provides for AWS, admins can investigate audit trails for non-compliant activities, prevent configuration changes and run real-time reports. Netskope provides a complete audit trail of IAM, EC2, and S3 so security professionals can monitor and track all changes to resources.

Find out more about how Netskope can help protect your AWS environment with AWS Security.