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Blog News & Announcements Safe Cloud Enablement in EMEA
Sep 17 2014

Safe Cloud Enablement in EMEA

We are excited to announce our launch in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Beyond being a great company milestone, it is validation of the Cloud Security Access Broker segment in general and Netskope’s strategic direction specifically. It is also a signal of our commitment to EMEA requirements for safe cloud enablement.

Supporting this announcement are several new and existing product features in the Netskope Active Platform that target specific concerns in EMEA countries and specifically focus on balancing cloud security with user privacy. Adding to Netskope’s powerful platform for safely enabling cloud apps by discovering and assessing their risk, providing activity- and data-level visibility, and enforcing fine-grained activity-level and DLP policies across any app, Netskope’s feature set now includes:

  • Cloud-based key management. Netskope Active Encryption, released in June 2014, now comes with the choice of performing key management in the cloud or on-premises. This flexibility means that customers can move faster and fit within their own previously established decisions and standard operating procedures for key management. Customers who use Netskope’s cloud-based option will benefit from the FIPS 140-2, Level 3 security certifications.
  • Data geo-residency visibility and policy enforcement. Knowing where data are housed allows Netskope customers to take policy actions should regional data sovereignty laws or geo-political concerns arise. The Netskope Active Platform is now capable of enforcing policies such as:

o   Block upload of customer data to a cloud app where data stores are located outside of the country in which it originated

o   Prevent sharing of customer data outside of the originating country

o   Bypass inspection of cloud app activity within certain countries

o   Together with tight control over key management, geo-residency ensures that data remain protected from access by foreign governments

  • Controlled administrative access to user information. Role-based access control gives Netskope customers the ability to provide the right level of access throughout the IT organisation. Netskope can be configured to obfuscate users’ personal information such as user name and the last octet of an IP address. Now, Netskope administrators can take advantage of Netskope context and content awareness to enforce policies without gaining access to specific user information.
  • Usage inspection bypass. Netskope customers can bypass inspection by Netskope based on a host of contextual factors, including app, user, device, group, location, or the specific data or content.
  • User information redaction. During discovery or when operating in real-time, Netskope can be set to redact user information. Netskope is capable of providing a one-way hash for customers who want this option for forensic review purposes.

These powerful privacy and data sovereignty capabilities in the Netskope Active Platform enable our customers in EMEA countries to safely enable cloud and move fast, with confidence.