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Netskope ofrece una estrategia de seguridad cloud moderna, con capacidades unificadas para los datos y protección frente a amenazas, además de un acceso privado seguro.

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Netskope ha sido nombrado Líder en el Informe del Cuadrante Mágico de Gartner™ 2022 en SSE

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Cambie a los servicios de seguridad en la nube líderes del mercado con una latencia mínima y una alta fiabilidad.

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Prevenga las amenazas que a menudo eluden otras soluciones de seguridad utilizando un marco SSE de un solo paso.

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Soluciones de confianza cero para implementaciones de SSE y SASE

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Netskope hace posible un proceso seguro, rápido y con inteligencia cloud para la adopción de los servicios en la nube, las aplicaciones y la infraestructura de nube pública.

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Confíe en Netskope para que le ayude a hacer frente a las amenazas en evolución, a los nuevos riesgos, a los cambios tecnológicos, a los cambios organizativos y de red, y a los nuevos requisitos normativos.

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Tenemos ingenieros cualificados en todo el mundo, con distintos ámbitos de conocimiento sobre seguridad en la nube, redes, virtualización, entrega de contenidos y desarrollo de software, listos para ofrecerle asistencia técnica de calidad en todo momento.

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Asegure su viaje de transformación digital y aproveche al máximo sus aplicaciones en la nube, web y privadas con la capacitación de Netskope.

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Episodio extra: La importancia de Security Service Edge (SSE)

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Netskope en RSA 2022

Conozca y hable con los especialistas en seguridad de Netskope en RSA.

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¿Qué es Security Service Edge (SSE)?

Explore el lado de la seguridad de SASE, el futuro de la red y la protección en la nube.

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Netskope está redefiniendo la seguridad de la nube, los datos y la red para ayudar a las organizaciones a aplicar los principios de Zero Trust para proteger los datos.

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Pensadores, constructores, soñadores, innovadores. Juntos, ofrecemos soluciones de seguridad en la nube de vanguardia para ayudar a nuestros clientes a proteger sus datos y usuarios.

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La estrategia de venta centrada en el partner de Netskope permite a nuestros canales maximizar su expansión y rentabilidad y, al mismo tiempo, transformar la seguridad de su empresa.

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Blog News & Announcements Taking Proactive Action to Protect Netskope Innovation
Mar 24 2022

Taking Proactive Action to Protect Netskope Innovation

One of Netskope’s core cultural tenets is “Dream Big and Be Innovative.” This tenet has been part of the Netskope DNA since our founding in 2012, by engineers with deep security and networking experience and a true passion and respect for innovation. In everything we do, we strive to “do good” and “do right.”

Early on, we saw a future in which networks wouldn’t have traditional perimeters, and data, applications, and users would be everywhere. This required a vastly different technology architecture and approach—a modern one built for, and deployed in, the cloud.  

We are proud that, as of today, our innovation has helped enable thousands of customers to transition to, and operate safely in, a cloud-first environment. This innovation has been recognized by top analyst firms and across the industry, from numerous industry awards to recently being named one of only three Leaders in the inaugural Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge (SSE). Alongside consistent Gartner, IDC, and various other reputable accolades for our CASB, secure web gateway (SWG), cloud data loss prevention (DLP), and many related capabilities, we stand behind the vision and execution that have made Netskope the highly regarded company we are.

Unfortunately, success at times breeds envy. Netskope has been threatened with baseless legal action on the grounds of patent infringement from Fortinet, a decades-old legacy network security appliance vendor. Fortinet has a history of buying innovation to stockpile patents for the purposes of litigation, and of using litigation to stifle and intimidate competitors and even partners that are showing momentum in market segments it covets. 

Netskope prefers to focus on our customers, not on litigation. But we’ve worked extremely hard on our innovation and need to defend it. For this reason, Netskope has filed for a declaratory judgment action against Fortinet. In simple terms, this means that Netskope has taken the affirmative step of asking a Federal court to confirm that Netskope does not in fact infringe on the patent claims that Fortinet used to threaten Netskope. 

As our complaint outlines, Fortinet has repeatedly threatened to sue Netskope for months now, but has refused our numerous requests to provide necessary and essential information on their baseless infringement claims, or even basic information to substantiate any infringement. Despite what seems like Fortinet’s bad faith negotiations and unreasonable demands, Netskope has earnestly tried to find common ground and a reasonable business resolution. When it became clear that Fortinet’s negotiations were a mere pretext to try to bully Netskope—as Fortinet has done with other companies in the past—Netskope reluctantly chose to bring this action in Federal court to stop this bullying and baseless intimidation.

Innovation First

To be clear: Fortinet’s suggestions of patent infringement by Netskope are not only objectively false, but they also carry the long-simmering stigma of “patent trolling”—a disease in the tech industry that even a bipartisan U.S. Congress has in the past decade taken aim at eradicating, and of which we still see examples frequently. 

We at Netskope decry unreasonable lawsuits, chicanerous discovery processes, abusive demand letters, and posturing and intimidation over inventors that have achieved innovations that have helped move our industry forward. Remember: Netskope’s very early innovation on the development and delivery of modern cloud security services took place all while Fortinet was still entirely focused on legacy hardware-based firewalls.

Netskope has no tolerance for bullying, now or in the future, and we will vigorously defend our right to stay at the forefront of innovation.