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Cumplimiento Cloud de GLBA

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) is a United States federal regulation to protect consumer financial privacy. The regulation provides restrictions on the sharing of consumer financial information to third parties, a practice that many financial institutions and organizations engage in.

Improve your GLBA cloud compliance posture

GLBA has specific compliance requirements tied to security and confidentiality, privacy, and safeguards. Addressing GLBA compliance requirements is a challenge in today’s cloud- and mobile-first world given the lack of visibility and control. Netskope provides the visibility and control you need to help you address your GLBA compliance needs.

Improve your GLBA cloud compliance posture



Use custom coaching workflows to educate employees and consultants about security best practices and protecting the organization’s IT infrastructure.

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Monitor and audit

Regularly monitor traffic within your network and to and from the cloud and test these systems and processes and identify any unauthorized changes and configurations. Streamline the audit process with detailed reports.

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Control de acceso

Implement adaptive control with granular restrictions that take in contextual data including user, group, location, device, application, activity, and data.

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Gestión de riesgos

Monitor and assess the risk associated with cloud and web usage and apply compensating controls to remediate and manage risk.

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Para cualquiera que busque una aplicación en la nube y quiera evaluar el perfil de riesgo de esa aplicación, es definitivamente crítico que adopte un CASB.

— James Rutt, CIO, Dana Foundation

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