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Enable your high-tech, cloud-first environment with cloud smart security, in the cloud, for the cloud, and for any user, location, or device.

Cloud security redefined by digital transformation

Apply the same high-tech leverage to transform your security defenses to understand the language of the cloud. Safely enable business units and users to freely adopt cloud services while reducing risk and providing data and threat protection.

The visibility and control you expect for high tech

Understand your risks

Profile your cloud services with 50+ attributes of risk within Cloud Confidence IndexTM (CCI) ratings, plus customize ratings for your environment across seven profiles, including security, privacy, financial, compliance, and vulnerabilities.

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Decode the cloud

Leverage Cloud XDTM to decode thousands of cloud services and apps, plus web traffic for unmatched granular policy controls including user, device, app, instance, risk, activity, and data.

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Protect your data

Protect data-at-rest and in-motion using multi-mode deployment with advanced DLP capabilities to prevent data exposure or loss by sharing, posts, or personal instances for managed and unmanaged cloud services.

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Prevent and detect threats

Stop cloud-enabled threats leveraging rogue instances or compromised accounts, plus multiple defense layers to prevent and detect, alongside 90 days of rich metadata for investigations and hunting.

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Audit and compliance

Govern access and understand your cloud services and apps in the context of regulatory compliance rules, plus produce granular audit trail reporting for auditors and compliance reports.

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For anyone out there looking for a cloud application and wanting to assess the risk profile of that application, it’s definitely critical that you adopt a CASB.

—James Rutt, CIO, Dana Foundation

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