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The SASE Accreditation

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Sponsorisée par Netskope, la certification SASE est une formation d'introduction au modèle Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), un cadre architectural pour la sécurité et réseau qui répond aux problèmes de sécurité auxquels les organisations d'aujourd'hui font face lorsqu'elles adoptent des applications cloud, protègent les données et unifient les services de réseau et de sécurité.


Pendant cette formation de deux jours, vous apprendrez comment l'architecture SASE aide les experts réseau et de sécurité à obtenir plus de visibilité et des informations exploitables en temps réel sur les services cloud, l'activité, le trafic et les données tout en simplifiant votre solution de sécurité.

Formation sur la certification SASE par Netskope

What to expect:
Join us for a virtual, instructor-led class. The class includes interactive lab participation, case studies, and instruction condensed into two 4-hour sessions.


Format and focus areas:
The curriculum was developed by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber and exclusively sponsored by Netskope. The accreditation will focus on the origin of SASE, the technologies it replaces, and how to properly identify and implement the right SASE solution. Receive key SASE insights and vendor-agnostic hands-on experience in the area of cloud security, cloud visibility, and networking.


AUDIENCEWorking practitioners in all aspects of cybersecurity, IT, and technology. Professionals working in government, research, academia, and other sectors. Students interested in cybersecurity.
DURATION2 days, one 4-hour session per day
FORMATOnline, virtual
PREREQUISITESStudents should have knowledge of security and networking principles.
AGENDA1. SASE Purpose and Origin
2. Virtual Computing and Cloud
3. Software Defined Networking
4. Zero Trust Security
5. Data Leakage Prevention
6. Secure Web Gateways
7. Cloud Access Security Brokers
8. Cloud Identity Management
9. Cloud Microsegmentation
10. Securing Cloud Apps
11. Secure Access Methods
12. Components of SASE Model
13. Case Study: Netskope Platform
14. Lab Exercise: Enterprise SASE

SASE is changing the way companies are thinking about securing their users and data in the era of cloud. Working with Netskope, we developed the SASE Accreditation to give practitioners an in-depth, hands-on introduction to SASE and how to design for it. This course is built to prepare students and practitioners for the future of cloud security and how all enterprise networks will be designed and secured in the future.

—Dr. Ed Amoroso, Founder and CEO, Tag Cyber
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Become a SASE Accredited Architect

All students who successfully complete this course will be given access to take the SASE Accreditation Exam.


Online exam

  • Details of how to access the exam will be sent to you upon completion of the instructor-led class
  • Must be completed in a 45 minute time limit
  • Attendees get two attempts at the exam
  • Passing score: 80%
  • After completion of the accreditation, attendees will receive a SASE Accreditation certificate

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Résultats de l'événement