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Leaving Bastion Hosts Behind Part 1: GCP

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AWS: Improve CloudTrail Logging for Assumed Role Actions

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Leaky Links: Accidental Exposure in Google Link Sharing

Netskope @ Nullcon Goa 2020

Remote Work Increasing Exponentially Due to COVID-19

Netskope at CactusCon 2019

Leaky Groups: Accidental Exposure in Google Groups

Cloud Threats on the Rise, Cloud Data on the Move

Leaky Calendars – Accidental Exposure in Google Calendar

MITRE Att&ck View: Securing AWS Temporary Tokens

Applying MITRE Att&ck

A MITRE-based Analysis of a Cloud Attack

Microsoft CryptoAPI Spoofing (CVE-2020-0601)

CORS Exploitation in the Cloud

Ad Injector Dulls Chrome’s Luster