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Netskope for GDPR Compliance

Provides visibility and the controls organizations need to help protect private data in the cloud and comply with the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cloud security and privacy in relation to GDPR

Descubra cómo Netskope puede ayudar a su organización con el cumplimiento de la GDPR en la nube.

Netskope helps with GDPR cloud-readiness


Understand personal data collection

Personal data can only be collected as necessary to the purpose of use, with limitations on the processing of ‘special data’ and ‘sensitive data.’

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Track local storage

Controllers and processors must know the location where personal data is stored or otherwise processed.

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Deploy adequate security

Controllers must take adequate security measures to protect personal data from loss, alteration, or unauthorized processing.

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Prevent and enforce security

Controllers must prevent personal data from being uploaded to personal cloud services and personal devices (BYOD) or enforce the organization’s security measures in personal clouds and devices.

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Assess security standards

Controllers must know the privacy and security standards the processor adheres to and assess those standards.

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Using advanced DLP features and access controls, we’ve been able to safely enable the cloud with Netskope as well as secure personal data for GDPR cloud compliance.

—Director of Networking and Security, Higher Education Organization

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