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Spectra Alliance

Introducing the Spectra Alliance, a strategic approach

The Spectra Alliance is a comprehensive integration of zero-trust security solutions delivered by Netskope, CrowdStrike, Okta, and Proofpoint designed to improve an organization’s security posture as they embark on their journeys to zero trust.


spectra alliance


netskope logo

Netskope, providing web gateway, cloud access security broker, and zero-trust network access security as a service.


  • Secure Access Service Edge
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Data and Threat Protection
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CrowdStrike, providing endpoint security, cloud security, security operations, threat intelligence, and identity threat detection.


  • Endpoint and Cloud Security
  • Security Operations
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Identity Threat Protection
okta logo

Okta, providing cloud workforce identity, cloud customer identity, access management, and adaptive multi-factor authentication.


  • Cloud Workforce Identity
  • Cloud Customer Identity
  • Access Management
  • Adaptive Multifactor MFA
proofpoint logo

Proofpoint, providing cloud security, information protection, and email security.



  • Cloud Security
  • Information Protection
  • Email Security

The challenges enterprises face in the "new normal"


Today, workforces are comprised of employees, partners, contractors, and vendors, who all require access to restricted applications and sensitive data where legacy and perimeter defenses no longer support this new operating model.


Hybrid operating environments with increased cloud use and remote access create visibility challenges for IT and security teams, making threat and data protection, investigation and remediation difficult.


Organizations have siloed security solutions deployed in their IT and security stack which creates challenges when they lacking integrated cloud, endpoint, workload, data, and identity security.


The threat landscape is more sophisticated with attacks on identity and data calling for advanced prevention and detection solutions to protect organizations from these advanced threats.


Sensitive data resides in multiple locations on-prem, private/public cloud and SaaS applications requiring real-time data protection and management leading to new data protection strategies and processes.

Zero trust security - a blueprint for adoption

In partnership, Netskope, CrowdStrike, Okta and Proofpoint created a first-of-its-kind integrated solution stack to help organizations accelerate their zero trust journey. While organizations manage their hybrid work environments, the pandemic forces and challenges IT and security teams to new levels with keeping remote workforce productive, maintaining business continuity and supporting uninterrupted compliance by protecting data no matter where it is or goes.

Integração de tecnologias

Today, as organizations take steps to adopt a zero trust framework, they are faced with many technical decisions. Spectra Alliance brings together a best-of- breed integration by delivering integrated solutions that minimize complexity and risk exposure with simplified, flexible interoperable architecture and decreased operational costs, and most importantly increasing your zero trust security posture.

Integrated solution benefits

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Simplify and scale remote access

The integrated solution replaces notoriously frustrating, unscalable legacy VPNs with a modern, secure, application-specific Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA), dramatically simplifying while safely enabling remote network access for employees, contractors, and other authorized users.

Dispel end-user confusion and enhance the access experience

End users use intuitive Single Sign-On (SSO) secured by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to quickly and reliably access all the assets they need from any device, so they don’t waste time and aren’t tempted to share passwords or otherwise circumvent security and compliance protocols.

Repel today’s sophisticated attacks

Detect, analyze, and block modern advanced threats before they breach your infrastructure, blocking known threats like ransomware and using machine learning to detect previously unknown threat vectors, including cloud-enabled phishing. Leverage actionable threat forensics, enhanced malware protection, and cloud-scale artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time protection across the enterprise including additional protection for highly privileged (and highly-targeted) users.

Centralize Access control and reduce complexity

A proliferation of users accessing hundreds of apps across multiple devices can make access management (and compliance adherence) a never-ending burden for IT teams. But with this integrated solution in place, teams get powerful tools for 360° visibility into user access attempts and activity, reliable automated provisioning and deprovisioning, and centralized, fine-grained access control.

Enhance cloud and endpoint threat protection

Strong endpoint security merges seamlessly with comprehensive cloud security to help enterprises detect attacks, protect against malware, cloud-based phishing and other attacks, utilize integrated threat hunting, and threat intelligence sharing to secure all devices, both corporate and personal.

Strengthen web and cloud security

Gain total visibility into your users’ activity on the web and across thousands of managed and unmanaged cloud apps and services. Centrally filter web use and application access in an informed way, based on policy, device risk ratings, user/location, and more, so you can enforce acceptable use policies for remote and on-premises workers, partners, and satellite offices.

Add layered data protection

The integration provides a comprehensive understanding of where data is within your cloud and web environment, regardless of device, network, or location, and offers extra layers of protection wherever data travels, through exact matching, fingerprinting, optical character recognition (OCR), and machine-learning-enabled document and image scanning.

Your Journey to Zero Trust: What You Wish You Knew Before You Started

Listen to the panel replay of the Spectra Alliance executive leaders from Netskope, CrowdStrike, Okta and Proofpoint as the discuss security modernization and zero trust in todays landscape and explore approaches to zero trust. Session was moderated by ESG, industry analyst group.


To aide organizations on the shift to a digital transformation journey of adopting a zero trust security model, a number of resources and tools are available.

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