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Netskope supports industry-specific certifications and regulations alongside unique inline and API-mode capabilities for data and threat protection for cloud-first organizations.

Protecting leading industry organizations

The cloud has no boundaries and is redefining security defenses across every industry. Netskope enables a safe, cloud-smart, and fast journey to adopt cloud services, apps, and public cloud infrastructure.

Netskope for your industry

Finanças e Seguradoras

Netskope helps financial services use social media while supporting compliance with FINRA with advanced DLP that create targeted policies to address specific, non-compliant, situations.

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Netskope helps government agencies and organizations protect mission-critical assets in the face of data breaches that have been increasing in scale and scope.

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Saúde e Ciência

Netskope helps healthcare companies retain visibility and control over cloud and website usage to protect their data and support compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

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High Technology

A Netskope equipa o seu ambiente cloud-first e de alta tecnologia com segurança inteligente na nuvem, para a nuvem, e para qualquer usuário, local ou dispositivo.

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Instituições de Ensino Superior

A Netskope é uma empresa de segurança em nuvem que permite que as instituições de ensino Superior usem a nuvem e a web com segurança.

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Ensino Fundamental e Médio

Permitir que as instituições de ensino Fundamental e Médio usem a nuvem e a web com segurança. Netskope fornece segurança em tempo real e oferece coaching para os usuários quando o comportamento arriscado é detectado.

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Netskope gives legal firms the ability to control their cloud services with powerful policy workflows, in conjunction with Office 365, to prevent data leakage and help with legal compliance and investigations.

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Netskope helps the world’s largest and most demanding manufacturing companies securely adopt the cloud to streamline operations and compete at all levels.

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Varejo e Hospedagem

Netskope helps retail and hospitality companies understand how cloud services and websites are being used and enforce adaptive access controls to restrict risky activities, prevent breaches, and protect against the loss of sensitive information.

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A Netskope permite que as empresas de serviços transformem seus negócios com segurança inteligente na nuvem, para a nuvem, e para qualquer usuário, local ou dispositivo.

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Netskope ensures utility companies to deliver reliable energy services, measure performance, provide resources to employees in the field, and manage customer and billing information.

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