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Staffed by the industry’s foremost cloud threat and malware researchers, the Netskope Threat Labs discovers, analyzes, and designs defenses against the latest cloud threats affecting enterprises.


With original research and in-depth analysis of cloud-related threats — including cloud phishing, scams, malware delivery, command and control, data exfiltration, data exposure — the Labs helps protect Netskope customers from malicious actors and contributes to the global security community with research, advice, and best practices.

Led by renowned security researchers, distinguished engineers, and principal architects with experience founding and leading companies in Silicon Valley and around the world, the Netskope Threat Labs is based in our headquarters with representation throughout the world. The researchers are regular presenters and volunteers at top security conferences, including DefCon, BlackHat, and RSA.

Cloud and Threat Report: February 2021 Edition

Cloudy with a chance of malice


The February 2021 Edition of the Cloud and Threat Report signals a cyclone forecast of more cloud enabled threats. Key findings show that the majority of all malware is now delivered via cloud applications, underscoring how attackers increasingly abuse popular cloud services to evade legacy security defenses putting enterprise data increasingly at risk.


Understand the details why content and context for cloud and web traffic is required for threat and data protection.

Cloud and Threat Report - February 2021

Threat Labs Report

In the monthly Netskope Threat Labs Report, you will find the top 5 malicious domains, malware, and apps that the Netskope Security Cloud platform blocked plus recent publications and a threat roundup.

Netskope Threat Labs Report
May, 2021

Netskope Threat Labs Report
April, 2021

Netskope Threat Labs Report
March, 2021

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