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Netskope Platform Capabilities

Modern cloud-first security capabilities

Netskope delivers a modern cloud security stack, with unified capabilities for data and threat protection, plus secure private access. Use Netskope to understand your cloud risks and safely enable the cloud and web with granular policy controls for all users, locations, and devices.

Netskope delivers a modern cloud security stack, with unified capabilities for data and threat protection, plus secure private access.

Netskope platform capabilities

Controle de acesso adaptativo

Provide role-based access control for administrators with the least amount of privilege, while enabling granular access controls for users including location and device. Leverage visibility of content and context, including user, app, instance, risk, activity, and data. Provide read-only access for personal devices, while protecting data for unmanaged cloud use.

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Criptografia na Nuvem

Apply Netskope Encryption to sensitive data at rest in managed cloud services like Office 365 and Salesforce, regardless of when content is created or uploaded. Encryption can also be applied automatically inline to content for any cloud service transparent to users. In both cases, leverage Netskope DLP to enable selective encryption of desired content.

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icon-3rd party Integration

Cloud Exchange

The Netskope Cloud Exchange (CE) provides customers with powerful integration tools to leverage investments across their security posture. CE consumes valuable Netskope telemetry and external threat intelligence and risk scores, enabling improved policy implementation, automated service ticket creation, and exportation of log events from the Netskope Security Cloud.

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Netskope provides unmatched, machine-learning enhanced 4-in-1 data loss prevention (DLP) for cloud, web, and email environments to help reduce risk. Our platform accurately and efficiently detects and protects sensitive content no matter where it is. We secure your data no matter where it is and provide informative reports to meet regulatory requirements.

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Opções de implementação

Netskope supports every possible out-of-band and inline traffic steering option, including forward and reverse proxy, API, steering client, and log-based discovery. Plus, GRE and IPsec tunnel support is available for web traffic from on-premises locations. These modes are often used in parallel to cover customers’ multiple use cases with a single, consistent policy framework.

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Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) icon

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Netskope remote browser isolation (RBI) isolates uncategorized and risky websites as an option for Netskope secure web gateway (SWG) solutions. Known safe sites are allowed, known bad sites are blocked, and risky websites are isolated for safe viewing all within one cloud platform, one console, and one policy engine.

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SSPM icon

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

With today’s distributed workforce, SaaS adoption has grown exponentially, making it mission critical to eliminate misconfigurations and maintain a robust security posture. Netskope SSPM detects risky configurations, ensures compliance across common standards (CIS, PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPAA, and more), and rapidly remediates alerts with built-in guided remediation.

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Inspeção SSL/TLS

Leverage elastic cloud performance to inspect SSL/TLS traffic to provide data and threat protection for any user, location, or device not possible with physical appliances. Combined with the capability to decode API-JSON traffic of cloud services and apps, your inline granular policy controls have the content and context required.

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Netskope cloud app risk score

Risco de terceiros

Leverage the Netskope Cloud Confidence Index™ (CCI) to assess the enterprise-readiness of each cloud service. The all-mode architecture provides visibility of all cloud and web traffic for comprehensive coverage. Understand the context of how each cloud service is being used, and query into dynamic reports of granular cloud and web usage information.

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Proteção contra ameaças

Gain full visibility for web traffic, apps, and cloud services to prevent malware, detect advanced threats, and provide rich metadata for SOC investigations and threat hunting. Multiple cloud defense layers include anti-malware, pre-execution script analysis and heuristics, sandboxing, and machine learning anomaly detection managed by Netskope Threat Research Labs.

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Filtragem de conteúdo web

Enforce acceptable use policies (AUPs) with cloud-based web content filtering for your headquarters, remote offices, and mobile workers on company-managed devices. You can use 100+ predefined categories, your own custom categories, and categories for apps, security risks, and YouTube, plus silent adblocking.

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Acesso à rede Zero trust

Replace legacy VPNs with cloud-based private access to private enterprise applications in public clouds and data centers, reducing risk by providing zero trust application access instead of network access. Provide secure access to applications in AWS, Azure, and Google public clouds and help your company comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

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