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SoluçõesHIPAA Cloud Compliance

HIPAA Cloud Compliance

Enforce controls and restrictions on high-risk cloud services, websites, and activities to help address HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Audit suspected violations with full cloud and web activity trail that includes context such as user, activity, data, device, location, and more.

Improve your HIPAA cloud compliance posture

HIPAA has specific compliance requirements tied to privacy and security. Addressing HIPAA compliance requirements is a challenge in today’s cloud- and mobile-first world given the lack of visibility and control. Netskope provides the visibility and control you need to help you address your HIPAA compliance needs.

Improve your HIPAA cloud compliance posture



Use custom coaching workflows to educate employees and consultants about security best practices and protecting the organization’s IT infrastructure.

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Monitor and audit

Regularly monitor traffic within your network and to and from the cloud and test these systems and processes and identify any unauthorized changes and configurations. Streamline the audit process with detailed reports.

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Controle de Acesso

Implement adaptive control with granular restrictions that take in contextual data including user, group, location, device, application, activity, and data.

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Proteção de dados

Apply DLP and/or encryption policies to ensure that data containing HIPAA does not get into the wrong hands.

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Cloud security is a journey, not a destination. Today, Netskope helps us find out what users are doing, and put controls around those activities. No one knows what tomorrow looks like, but I’m sure Netskope will already have it figured it out!

—Craig Guinasso, CSO, Genomic Health

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Genomic Health Case Study

Genomic Health Case Study

Demonstração — Acabe com a exposição de dados confidenciais na nuvem

Demonstração — Acabe com a exposição de dados confidenciais na nuvem

Top 3 Use Cases for HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

Top 3 Use Cases for HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

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