Netskope named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge. Get the Report.

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    Visibilidad inigualable y protección contra amenazas y datos en tiempo real en la nube privada de seguridad más grande del mundo.

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    Los productos de Netskope se basan en Netskope Security Cloud.

Netskope ofrece una estrategia de seguridad cloud moderna, con capacidades unificadas para los datos y protección frente a amenazas, además de un acceso privado seguro.

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Netskope ha sido nombrado Líder en el Informe del Cuadrante Mágico de Gartner™ 2022 en SSE

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Cambie a los servicios de seguridad en la nube líderes del mercado con una latencia mínima y una alta fiabilidad.

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Prevenga las amenazas que a menudo eluden otras soluciones de seguridad utilizando un marco SSE de un solo paso.

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Soluciones de confianza cero para implementaciones de SSE y SASE

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Netskope hace posible un proceso seguro, rápido y con inteligencia cloud para la adopción de los servicios en la nube, las aplicaciones y la infraestructura de nube pública.

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Confíe en Netskope para que le ayude a hacer frente a las amenazas en evolución, a los nuevos riesgos, a los cambios tecnológicos, a los cambios organizativos y de red, y a los nuevos requisitos normativos.

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Tenemos ingenieros cualificados en todo el mundo, con distintos ámbitos de conocimiento sobre seguridad en la nube, redes, virtualización, entrega de contenidos y desarrollo de software, listos para ofrecerle asistencia técnica de calidad en todo momento.

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Asegure su viaje de transformación digital y aproveche al máximo sus aplicaciones en la nube, web y privadas con la capacitación de Netskope.

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    Descubra cómo Netskope permite la transformación de la seguridad y las redes a través del servicio de seguridad (SSE).

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    Manténgase a la vanguardia de las últimas tendencias de seguridad y conéctese con sus pares.

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    Todo lo que necesitas saber en nuestra enciclopedia de ciberseguridad.

Podcast Security Visionaries

Episodio extra: La importancia de Security Service Edge (SSE)

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Lea lo último sobre cómo Netskope puede hacer posible el viaje de confianza cero y SASE a través de las capacidades de SSE.

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Eventos de oratoria de Netskope CSO

Conozca al equipo CSO de Netskope en uno de nuestros próximos eventos.

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Netskope CSO Team

¿Qué es Security Service Edge (SSE)?

Explore el lado de la seguridad de SASE, el futuro de la red y la protección en la nube.

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    Le ayudamos a mantenerse a la vanguardia de los desafíos de seguridad de la nube, los datos y la red.

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    La transformación de la nube y el trabajo desde cualquier lugar han cambiado la forma en que debe funcionar la seguridad.

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    Nuestro equipo de liderazgo está firmemente comprometido a hacer todo lo necesario para que nuestros clientes tengan éxito.

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    Nos asociamos con líderes en seguridad para ayudarlo a asegurar su viaje a la nube.

Netskope posibilita el futuro del trabajo.

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Netskope está redefiniendo la seguridad de la nube, los datos y la red para ayudar a las organizaciones a aplicar los principios de Zero Trust para proteger los datos.

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Pensadores, constructores, soñadores, innovadores. Juntos, ofrecemos soluciones de seguridad en la nube de vanguardia para ayudar a nuestros clientes a proteger sus datos y usuarios.

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La estrategia de venta centrada en el partner de Netskope permite a nuestros canales maximizar su expansión y rentabilidad y, al mismo tiempo, transformar la seguridad de su empresa.

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Blog News & Announcements RSA 2022: A Reminder That Cybersecurity is a Team Sport
May 31 2022

RSA 2022: A Reminder That Cybersecurity is a Team Sport

Wow, RSA 2022 is upon us. The last in-person RSA, back in February 2020, seems like it was so long ago, but I feel a bubbling excitement across the cybersecurity industry for this event. For me, RSA has always been a powerful reminder of two things: 

First, cybersecurity is a team sport. 

We can’t protect our customers from cyber threats if we, as vendors, don’t work together. There are always new attack surfaces, new attack techniques, and the “bad guys” don’t stop; they are always using the best new weapons. Each vendor will showcase its latest technology and threat research at RSA, but for the security professionals attending, it’s about meeting with multiple vendors at once. Comparing and contrasting, and more importantly understanding how everything can fit together to solve their unique security challenges.

As a Technology Alliance/Business Development professional, my responsibility is to ensure my company works well with other security and IT operations vendors. My teams enable our customers to leverage existing and potential IT and security investments. We also work together with our partners to simplify and explain how things interoperate, integrate, and address security issues. Our integrations are for end customers and service provider partners that build comprehensive solutions. We are helping to field the best team for each customer.

Second, RSA can be overwhelming. 

Historically, there are hundreds of vendors exhibiting on the floor, and hundreds more attending the event to interact with customers, prospects, and partners. One of my favorite RSA pastimes is to bring an intern or someone new to cybersecurity and take them to the center of the show floor to appreciate just how many vendors and people are at the RSA event. The challenge was always, how do we simplify this for customers? How do we help them? What vendors do we work with to solve problems that are relevant to our customers? 

How can we help? 

At RSA this year we will be showcasing multiple integrations across the Cyber, IT Ops, Networking and Cloud Ecosystems. In the Netskope booth, located at #449 Moscone South, we will have a demonstration pod dedicated to showcasing how Netskope works with all of our ecosystem partners to help customers better leverage valuable data, take actions, and protect their valuable digital assets. We will be hosting our partners in the Netskope booth throughout the RSA event so customers can hear directly from our partners how we provide value together. Booth visitors will have the opportunity to get an inside look into how the Netskope Cloud Exchange helps customers leverage the power of Netskope’s telemetry and integrations with existing IT and security investments. Leading partners, including CrowdStrike, Mimecast, Google, AWS, Microsoft, Aruba EdgeConnect, SentinelOne, Tanium, and Mandiant, will be on hand demonstrating joint solutions. These won’t just be demos, but technical experts on hand to answer your questions. We will also have a few joint presentations throughout RSA highlighting some of the newer integrations with Aruba, Mandiant, CrowdStrike, and Google BeyondCorp Enterprise.

It won’t just be on the show floor either. We’re also getting together at various social events and private meetings. These events are a great place to understand how channel partners deliver multi-vendor solutions and solve real security concerns, like zero trust, SASE, and XDR.

Please let us know if you want to attend a joint private meeting or just come join us for a cocktail one evening. Here are some of the social events we will be co-sponsoring with our solution provider and technology partners. Check out the registration pages to see who you can meet.

Monday, June 6

  • XDR Alliance RSA Happy Hour – Register
    Partners hosting together with Netskope include Armis, CyberArk, Exabeam, Expel, Extrahop, Mimecast, Recorded Future, SentinelOne, VMWare  
  • Guidepoint Security Happy Hour – Register
    Guidepoint has brought together 24 different security vendors from across the cybersecurity ecosystem

Tuesday, June 7

  • Optiv After Party – Register
    Optiv has brought together 16 different security vendors from across the cybersecurity ecosystem
  • FOMO After Party – Register
    SentinelOne, Armis, and Torq are hosting a great event and including Netskope’s sponsorship 
  • Mandiant Taco Tuesday – Register
    Mandiant is hosting some more intimate events with Netskope and others

Wednesday, June 8

  • Mandiant Wine Down Wednesday – Register
    Mandiant is hosting some more intimate events with Netskope and others

What can you do?  

Act like Ted Lasso: don’t be judgmental; be curious and come ask questions. RSA is a great opportunity to engage, learn, compare, and contrast. This applies not only to customers, but also security vendors. We can all get smarter and find ways to help better protect our customers from emerging and persistent cyber threats. Cybersecurity is a team sport, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Hope to see you in San Francisco the week of June 6, 2022.

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Acerca del autor
Andy Horwitz currently serves as VP, Business Development and Technology Alliances for Netskope.
Andy Horwitz currently serves as VP, Business Development and Technology Alliances for Netskope.