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    Visibilidad inigualable y protección contra amenazas y datos en tiempo real en la nube privada de seguridad más grande del mundo.

Netskope ha sido nombrado Líder en el Informe del Cuadrante Mágico de Gartner™ 2022 en SSE

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Respuesta rápida de Gartner®: ¿Cómo afecta la adquisición de Netskope a los proyectos SD-WAN, SASE y SSE?

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Quick Answer: How Does Netskope’s Acquisition of Infiot Impact SD-WAN, SASE and SSE Projects?

Netskope ofrece una estrategia de seguridad cloud moderna, con capacidades unificadas para los datos y protección frente a amenazas, además de un acceso privado seguro.

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Cambie a los servicios de seguridad en la nube líderes del mercado con una latencia mínima y una alta fiabilidad.

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Prevenga las amenazas que a menudo eluden otras soluciones de seguridad utilizando un marco SSE de un solo paso.

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Soluciones de confianza cero para implementaciones de SSE y SASE

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Netskope hace posible un proceso seguro, rápido y con inteligencia cloud para la adopción de los servicios en la nube, las aplicaciones y la infraestructura de nube pública.

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El talentoso y experimentado equipo de servicios profesionales de Netskope proporciona un enfoque prescriptivo para su exitosa implementación.

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Netskope Professional Services

Asegure su viaje de transformación digital y aproveche al máximo sus aplicaciones en la nube, web y privadas con la capacitación de Netskope.

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Podcast Security Visionaries

Episode 15: Building Permanent Security Awareness

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Lea lo último sobre cómo Netskope puede hacer posible el viaje de confianza cero y SASE a través de las capacidades de SSE.

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Semana SASE

Netskope puede ayudarle a dar los primeros pasos en el mundo SASE y a descubrir qué papel desempeñan en él la seguridad, las conexiones de red y Zero Trust.

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Semana SASE

¿Qué es Security Service Edge (SSE)?

Explore el lado de la seguridad de SASE, el futuro de la red y la protección en la nube.

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Netskope está redefiniendo la seguridad de la nube, los datos y la red para ayudar a las organizaciones a aplicar los principios de Zero Trust para proteger los datos.

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Pensadores, constructores, soñadores, innovadores. Juntos, ofrecemos soluciones de seguridad en la nube de vanguardia para ayudar a nuestros clientes a proteger sus datos y usuarios.

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La estrategia de venta centrada en el partner de Netskope permite a nuestros canales maximizar su expansión y rentabilidad y, al mismo tiempo, transformar la seguridad de su empresa.

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What Does The Twitter Chaos Tell Us About The Security Of Our Data?

Nov 22 2022

What a few weeks it has been for Twitter, from the sacking of half its workforce, and the rushed release of a new feature that allows impersonation of people and brands, through to the unintentional lock out of some users with a certain multi-factor authentication (MFA) configuration enabled. Added to this, we have also seen major resignations of key individuals across the Information Security, Privacy and Compliance groups. And this whole post comes with an “at time of writing” warning because the situation is changing daily!

On the face of it, this may look like it has a greater impact on individuals than it does businesses, but the whole issue highlights how easy it is for the perception of a company to change overnight and raises questions about the stability of security postures among vendors.  So, what can we learn from the ongoing issues at Twitter? 

Firstly, we should recognise that, although the Twitter acquisition was long touted, most of these changes were unheralded in advance. This tells us that it is possible for the security and privacy stance of an organisation hosting our data to change overnight, and with it our own cybersecurity risk profile. How prepared is your organisation for such an occurrence? How much does your security depend upon native controls within your application provider’s own technology? How capable are you of quickly applying cloud security controls in the event of any change at your cloud application or service provider? 

When issues like this arise with any tech vendor who holds organisational data, teams will want to ask questions of their supplier and devise risk plans pertaining to areas such as:

  • What impact does this have on service availability?
  • Will this impact service updates?
  • Does this change the communication lines we have into the vendor and how might that impact our ability to address issues?

Under the shared responsibility model, organisations should already have a map of controls and responsibilities, and these should be reviewed to anticipate any changes in risk in light of any major changes at a supplier’s business. Processes should be well defined, documented, and continually checked, enabling an organisation to be on the front foot ahead of any issues.

Secondly, this reminds us of the ongoing organisational risk of employees storing and exchanging sensitive data in the plethora of SaaS applications, the majority of which are not under the control of the organisation’s IT teams. While on the face of it, allowing the use of a trusted (but not managed) SaaS application might not pose as big a risk as the use of an untrusted file transfer service with a poor privacy policy, spreading your data far and wide only increases the risk that one service will expose data. This is why  many organisations are choosing to not only limit the unmanaged SaaS services their employees can use, but also look to implement a zero trust-based access policy, limiting the amount and type of data that is exposed to such services. 

Finally, we have to consider the possibility that one or more of the thousands of employees let go (or perhaps retained, but unhappy), may be able to sabotage the service, exfiltrate sensitive data, or simply make a mistake because they are stressed and overstretched. How would an insider threat (potentially on a grand scale) affect your organisation if similar issues occurred at one of your application or cloud compute providers? 

As with any cybersecurity strategy, we have to look at balancing risk with business benefit, so while organisations will continue to consume cloud services at a growing rate, perhaps the Twitter fallout will help raise awareness of these new types of risk at a board level. Not only that, maybe it will also help us as infrastructure and security professionals to justify our programmes and continued investment in both cloud security controls and zero trust security frameworks?

If you’d like to learn more about the risks of data sprawl, read the July 2022 Cloud and Threat Report: Cloud Data Sprawl.

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Richard Davis
Richard Davis is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Netskope, where he creates relevant industry information and topical use cases for the EMEA region.