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Release 78 Security Advisory

Fix for Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Discovered in Netskope Windows Client


Security Advisory ID: NSKPSA2020-001

Version: 1.0

Status: Published

Last Modified: September 23rd 2020


Who should read this documentTechnical and Security Personnel
Impact of VulnerabilityPrivilege Escalation
CVE NumberCVE-2020-24576 (reserved number)
Severity RatingHigh
Overall CVSS ScoreCVSS 7.3 (pre-fix release)
CVSS 6.8 (post-fix release)
RecommendationsUpdate to the latest release of the client release.
Security Advisory ReplacementNone
Affected SoftwareNetskope Client R77 and prior releases
Updated Software VersionRelease 78
Special Notes and AcknowledgementsThe Home Depot - Red Team DART
CWE ReferenceCWE-269: Improper Privilege Management


Netskope takes the protection of our customers’ information and the services we provide very seriously and endeavors to be responsible and transparent in the disclosure of any issues related to the Netskope product. Netskope is releasing this security advisory to provide information about a fix to a vulnerability discovered within the Netskope Windows Client. Without the fix to this vulnerability, an attacker could perform a privileged escalation attack. This advisory also provides guidance as to what security professionals who have yet to implement the fix can do to mitigate potential attacks that use the vulnerabilities; and what Netskope is doing as part of its ongoing investigation.


This Release/patch remediates the following issues: CVE-2020-24576 (This is a reserved number. As such, details online will not be available until the CVE publishes)


Affected Components
Netskope Windows Client Service (stAgentSvc.exe)


Netskope Client Release 78. Download instructions can be found here.


As of now, there is no workaround. Please evaluate updating to latest release of Netskope the Windows Client.


Special Notes and Acknowledgement
Netskope credits Red Team DART from The Home Depot for reporting this vulnerability.
This security Advisory was written by the Product Security Incident Response Team, Netskope, Inc.




What is affected by this security vulnerability?
Netskope Windows Client R77 and earlier.


Do I need to Update Immediately?
Yes, Netskope recommends that all customers run the latest version of software and evaluate this notification with other existing controls to make a determination. Netskope also recommends that customers use the CVSS v3.1 extended scoring or OWASP vulnerability criticality scoring tools to support their decision.


Affected Versions
Any Netskope Client deployment on Windows before R78.


Protected Versions
R78 or later. Netskope recommends that all customers verify that they have applied the latest updates.


What issues does this release and/or patch address?
The release includes the fix for the reported issue as well as other items which can be found with in our release notes: Netskope Support Release Notes Link


How do I know if my Netskope Client is vulnerable or not?
The product and version can be found by navigating to the Netskope Client, Right Click and seeing “About”. An example is below:


What has Netskope done to resolve the issue?
Netskope has released a new release to address this security flaw.


Where do I download the fix?
Please visit the release notes on support.netskope.com.


How does Netskope respond to this and any other security flaws?
Netskope follows public guidance for reporting concerns and issues from the research community which can be found at: https://www.netskope.com/vulnerability-disclosure-policy. In addition, Netskope follows a documented triage, remediation, and testing process for any reported items.


How do I find out about security vulnerabilities with your products?
Please review the release notes and security advisories on support.netskope.com.


How was this found?
This was reported to Netskope from The Home Depot – Red Team DART.


What is a “golden release”?
A golden release is a release of our client that undergoes extensive test coverage and support backward compatibility up to two previous versions. We recommend that you deploy the golden release of the Client to the endpoints when the auto-update is disabled. More information can be found on our support website.