SolucionesNetskope Security for AWS, Azure and GCP

Netskope Security for AWS, Azure,
and GCP

Proporciona seguridad uniforme en todas las implementaciones de nube pública. Netskope refuerza la seguridad que ofrecen de manera nativa los proveedores de servicios en la nube (CSP), como Amazon, Microsoft y Google, para sus instancias de proceso, bases de datos y servicios de almacenamiento de objetos, ofreciendo una visibilidad más extensa y profunda de los riesgos de datos y las amenazas avanzadas.

Protecting your public cloud infrastructure

By integrating, via APIs, with AWS, Azure, and GCP Netskope gives you visibility into the inventory and configurations of all your managed IaaS and PaaS services, so you can identify and address potential risks. In addition, Netskope’s inline capabilities extend visibility across both managed and unmanaged IaaS environments to enable real-time controls that keep your security stance in force.

Delivering visibility for AWS, Azure, and GCP


Visibility into multi-cloud inventory

Collects and summarizes key information about the resources in and across your AWS, Azure and GCP deployments to simplify your understanding of your overall public cloud footprint.

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Visibility into multi-cloud configurations and compliance

Provides visibility into the configuration of various cloud resources and services, as well as your compliance with benchmarks, such as NIST, CIS, PCI, and even your own custom security controls.

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Visibility into risky behavior

Delivers insights into definitive exploits and potential risky activity, using breach detection and response (BDR) capabilities to identify and prioritize active threats in AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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Visibility into data at rest

Extends the benefits of data loss prevention (DLP) profiles used for SaaS applications to your public clouds and scans storage buckets in AWS (S3) and Azure (blob container) to identify sensitive data and malware.

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Visibility & control over unmanaged IaaS activity

Uses inline visibility and controls, powered by Cloud XD, to enhance native cloud controls and uncover admin and CLI activity taking place across unmanaged instances of AWS, Azure, and GCP (Shadow IT).

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Visibility and control over insider threats

Uniquely provides enhanced inline controls that extend beyond typical API-based CSP management capabilities.

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When deploying a multi-cloud infrastructure environment, you need a consistent tool that plays across all the platforms. Using Netskope, I train one individual on one set of tools to manage our entire cloud environment effectively.

—Raman Pillai, Head of IT at Ather Energy

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