SolucionesModernice su programa de seguridad

Modernice su programa de seguridad

The dissolving perimeter is forcing CISOs to transform their security program in a similar way that the business is undergoing a digital transformation. In order to better manage risk, security program components, such as data protection and threat protection, need to be retooled for today’s cloud- and mobile-first world where efficiency and performance are more important than ever.

Digital transformation requires security transformation

Security transformation starts by looking at key components of your security program through the lens of cloud and mobile.

Modernice su programa de seguridad


Protección de datos

Data protection is the cornerstone of every security program and new blind spots created by cloud and mobile are making it difficult to find where sensitive data is located and to protect it. DLP and encryption technologies of the past are ineffective. A new approach is needed.

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Protección contra Amenazas

The same blind spots that impact data protection are also rendering traditional threat protection tools ineffective. Malware and cloud-enabled threats are using the cloud to hide, spread, and infect; creating new cloud kill chain threat vectors. A new approach is needed that can more effectively decode cloud traffic and help protect against these new threats.

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The well-documented security skills gap is forcing security teams to make the most out of the personnel and resources they already have. A modern security program needs to have processes and tools in place that will increase efficiency.

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When it comes to security, performance and scale is often the biggest challenge. A new approach is needed that can deliver inline security without the traditional trade-off of security for performance.

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Buscábamos una solución integral que se integrara con nuestros productos de seguridad existentes para proteger todo el uso de la nube en nuestra empresa. Netskope se ajusta a ese requisito y nos ayuda a proteger toda nuestra información confidencial en la nube.

—Information Security Engineer, Corporate Law Firm

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