Netskope Remote Browser Isolation

Safely isolate risky and uncategorized websites. Targeted RBI delivers seamless and safe viewing of risky websites and ensures no website code executes on end-user devices.

Prevent unknown web threats

Netskope remote browser isolation (RBI) isolates uncategorized and risky websites as an option for Netskope secure web gateway (SWG) solutions. Known safe sites are allowed, known bad sites are blocked, and risky websites are isolated for safe viewing all within one cloud platform, one console, and one policy engine.

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The Netskope
Security Cloud

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A Netskope Security Cloud

Visibilidade incomparável. Proteção de dados e contra ameaças em tempo real.

A Netskope Security Cloud oferece visibilidade inigualável em tempo real, detecção de ameaças e proteção de dados a partir de qualquer local e de qualquer dispositivo. Somente Netskope entende profundamente a nuvem e adota uma abordagem centrada em dados, que confere às equipes de segurança o equilíbrio perfeito entre proteção e velocidade de que precisam, para garantir sua jornada de transformação digital.

A Netskope Security Cloud

Browse the web safely with RBI


Prevent hidden and evasive web threats

Web-borne malware, crypto-mining malware, drive-by downloads, zero-days, browser vulnerabilities, and ransomware threats from risky websites are completely blocked from getting to the end-user.


Safe viewing of uncategorized and risky websites

Reduce user complaints from blocking of websites, by allowing safe pixel rendered viewing of uncategorized and risky websites


Native mobile RBI experience

Netskope RBI pixel rendering of websites is delivered seamlessly in user expected formats for mobile and desktop devices.


Consolidate and reduce complexity

Netskope RBI is integrated into the Netskope Security Cloud providing SWG, CFW, CASB, and ZTNA inline solutions for your secure services edge.


Global access and performance

Built on NewEdge, the world’s largest highest performing private security cloud for security at the edge where it is needed with a five 9s SLA and health trust portal.

Remote browser isolation (RBI) is a SASE recommended capability and a SWG advanced functionality.

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RBI features and benefits

seamless safe viewing

Seamless safe viewing

Remote browser isolation (RBI) uses pixel rendering of uncategorized and risky websites to deliver seamless safe viewing by users in their natural browsing environment.

easy to use

Easy to use

RBI is easily invoked with an ‘isolate’ policy action within the Netskope Security Cloud

simple deployment

Simple deployment

Avoid the complexity of forward proxy configurations, certificates, unique URLs, and multiple cloud environments with fully integrated RBI


Next Generation Secure Web Gateway - solution brief

Next Generation Secure Web Gateway

Guia de Adoção de SASE

Guia de Adoção de SASE

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

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