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SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Continuously enforce SaaS security policies, best practices, prevent configuration drift, and ensure compliance – all tightly integrated with the industry-leading CASB for unmatched SaaS protection.

Continuous Security Assessment for SaaS

With today’s distributed workforce, SaaS adoption has grown exponentially, making it mission critical to eliminate misconfigurations and maintain a robust security posture. Netskope SSPM detects risky configurations, ensures compliance across common standards (CIS, PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPAA, and more), and rapidly remediates alerts with built-in guided remediation.

SaaS Security Posture Management diagram

Top SSPM Use Cases


Detect misconfigurations

Discover risky configurations and overly permissive user access by verifying against predefined best practice rules and industry standards.


Prevent configuration drift

Continuously monitor SaaS applications for a continuously robust security posture and to prevent configuration drift.


Maintain compliance and governance

Simplify audits and quickly prove governance with pre-built and customizable compliance frameworks.


Accelerate alert response and remediation

Seamlessly send alerts to ServiceNow, Jira, and several others via Cloud Ticket Orchestrator and build custom workflows to analyze alerts via RESTful API.


Analytics for Application Investigations

Integrate with Advanced Analytics to discover managed and rogue applications to enforce correct cloud configurations.


Complete coverage

Comprehensive protection of data, users, and configurations by enforcing consistent policies across both SSPM and CASB.

The Netskope
Security Cloud

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Netskope security cloud platform

Visibilidade incomparável. Proteção de dados e contra ameaças em tempo real.

A Netskope Security Cloud oferece visibilidade inigualável em tempo real, detecção de ameaças e proteção de dados a partir de qualquer local e de qualquer dispositivo. Somente Netskope entende profundamente a nuvem e adota uma abordagem centrada em dados, que confere às equipes de segurança o equilíbrio perfeito entre proteção e velocidade de que precisam, para garantir sua jornada de transformação digital.

Netskope security cloud platform

SaaS applications act as the foundation of the modern enterprise. 2020 created an urgent need for security solutions that mitigate SaaS misconfiguration risks.

—The Hacker News, July 9, 2021
The Hacker News

Features and benefits

SSPM Broad App

Broad App coverage

Netskope SSPM uniquely supports a wide range of APIs – delivering posture management coverage to a wide range of SaaS applications quickly – preventing security blindspots

SSPM built on NewEdge

Built on NewEdge

SSPM is just one of many Netskope Security Cloud services delivered from Netskope NewEdge, our security private cloud with global coverage and built from the ground up for maximum performance and service resilience.


Part of an Integrated SASE Architecture

SSPM complements Netskope SWG, CASB, DLP, ZTNA, CFW, RBI, Advanced Analytics, all delivered on one platform, one console, one policy engine, and one client.


Unpacking Series: SSPM in a SASE World - Webinar

Unpacking Series: SSPM in a SASE World

Demo – Introduction to Netskope SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Demo: Introduction to Netskope SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Netskope Security Cloud Platform

Cloud and Threat Report - July 2021

Cloud and Threat Report

Guia de Adoção de SASE

Guia de Adoção de SASE

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